What Is Meant By Virtual Number And How Can I Get Virtual Number In India?

Apr 11, 2022

Communication with customers has become an integral part of business management due to changing customer behaviour and consumer expectations. Simultaneously, communication technology has been modernised to improve customer loyalty and experience. Wired communication solutions are now replaced with cloud telephony solutions, providing numerous benefits. Virtual numbers are part of cloud telephony solutions. These numbers are used to operate through the internet and route calls to various telephone numbers.** Cloud telephony supports several virtual number solutions and products such as Interactive Voice Response (IVR) comprehensive reporting, automatic SMS alerts, and auto-attendant.** The article further discusses virtual numbers and how to get one in India.

What is a Virtual Number?

Unlike a traditional wired phone system, a virtual number is a cloud-based phone number used by businesses to receive and make calls with any device over the internet. Though the functioning of the virtual numbers is similar to traditional phone numbers, these numbers do not need a SIM card and connect businesses with their customers in real-time via the internet, referred to as the Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP).

Virtual number in India is available in two types:

  • City Numbers: Local virtual numbers are available related to a city like 80 for Bangalore.
  • Toll-free Numbers: Free virtual numbers are available for the caller from India. These numbers start with 800.

Anyone can get virtual numbers in India, except businesses and local residents within India, due to local regulations.

Virtual Number Benefits:

  • Higher Conversion Rate: As each inbound and outbound call can be tracked over the cloud, it provides potential business opportunities and proactive engagement, leading to higher conversion rates.

  • Identification of Quality Leads: Cloud telephony solutions help to quickly classify and nurture quality leads that reduce churn rate and provider streamlined customer engagement.

  • Omnipresence: All customer calls are forwarded to agents' landlines as well as mobile numbers to help them manage business calls from anywhere and anytime.

  • Number masking: It helps to ensure customer privacy and zero lead package to hide the agent and custom details during a live call.

-Optimised operational efficiency: Immediate call routing based on specific agents’ availability, location, and caller’s history without missing a lead enhances the overall operating efficiency.

  • Data insights: Customer engagement is enhanced with real-time data insights on the call performance of agents.

Virtual Number

How to Get a Virtual Number in India?

When businesses decide to get a virtual number in India, there are a few points to remember, as discussed below:

  • The type of virtual number: Cloud telephony providers have a variety of solutions like local, toll-free, and vanity or premium numbers. One should understand these types and business requirements before buying a virtual number.

  • Focus on automation: Virtual numbers should add to the performance and efficiency of the agents. Choosing automated solutions can meet the dynamic customer base and expectations while contacting the agents.

  • Better call management: The aim of virtual numbers is to optimise call management and engagement. The cloud telephony solution should be able to route and forward incoming calls in multiple ways without wasting time and energy.

Knowlarity Virtual Number Features:

Knowlarity is a modern cloud telephony solutions provider with a range of solutions for different types of businesses, from startups to large enterprises. These solutions are rich in IVR, call recording, and call routing features. Additionally, these solutions enable agents to respond to an unlimited number of concurrent inbound and outbound calls, maximising their efficiency. Moreover, automated calling campaigns are customised for multi-lingual support.

Knowlarity offers virtual numbers for multiple countries. To buy virtual numbers India, visit the website/customer support through a toll-free number or email.

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