What is phone number masking and how to mask a phone number?

Apr 20, 2022

A customer shares a great deal of valuable personal information with businesses—their name, address, phone number, and so on. One of the most sensitive pieces of information that a customer shares with a business is their phone number. A phone number has the potential of being heavily misused if it falls into the wrong hands—from harassment of the customer to financial fraud and so much more. But a customer places immense trust in a business when they share these details. The business, in turn, has to do everything it can to safeguard the privacy of not just the customer but also its customer-facing employees. This is where the need for call masking or phone number masking arises.

What is phone number masking?

Phone number masking is an advanced data protection measure that safeguards the privacy of customer-facing agents as well as customers’ phone numbers. The number masking service helps establish a seamless connection between two on-call entities without disclosing one’s phone number to the other. This type of cloud telephony is a game-changer for businesses by helping them uphold high standards of trust, privacy, and data security.

What are the advantages of getting a phone number masking service?

The top benefits of a phone number masking service are:

  • Boosts long-term loyalty among customers

  • Helps maintain privacy and data security

  • Enhances customer experience by offering reliability and trust

  • Offers call tracking and monitoring features for quality testing and data analysis

  • Enables building customized unified communications

  • Minimize the risk of revenue leakage

  • Maintain security compliances as mandated by governing authorities

  • Improve overall ROI

How does a phone number masking service work?

Phone number masking works on the principle of cloud telephony. So, when a call is made using the phone number masking service, it would be routed through a cloud-based API proxy service. This cloud-based API proxy service will hide the caller’s phone number and directs the cloud through a cloud platform. Not just the caller’s but the call recipient’s phone number also gets masked with the phone number masking service. Thus, when a customer places a call to an agent or an agent calls up a customer, both their actual phone numbers get masked and will not be visible. However, the call gets connected seamlessly, the conversation can be recorded and monitored, and the communication happens without a hitch, without compromising either party’s privacy.

How does a phone number masking service work?

To enable masking phone numbers in your business, you will need a phone number masking service. The service would provide you with the cloud-based proxy API bundle and integrate it with your communication platforms and strategy. A phone number masking service would enable you to make outgoing calls with a masked number and receive incoming calls over your regular phone network itself. The service also works with Interactive Voice Response (IVR). Once you have integrated the phone masking cloud-based proxy API into your platforms, there is no other additional investment or service required. Thus, the entire process will take place smoothly without a hassle. There is also a scope of a little customization in the phone number masking service, so check with the service provider before your purchase, and make sure you have a clear idea of your requirements.

Knowlarity’s Phone Number Masking Service

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