Why Do Indian Entrepreneurs Rely on Virtual Phone Numbers for Excellent Customer Experience?

Sep 13, 2021

Indian entrepreneurs are increasingly relying on virtual phone numbers to provide an enhanced customer experience. But what is this technology about? Let's discuss it and how you can buy a virtual number to put your business on the fast track.

What is a Virtual Number?

A Virtual Phone Number can be defined as a cloud-based number that is not affixed to a particular telephone and can be accessed anywhere and at any time. This cloud number is formatted in such a way as to forward the incoming calls to mobile phones and landlines.

It is used to route the incoming customers' calls based on customer queries. In this way, a business can receive their customers' calls anywhere and anytime. The main motive to buy a virtual number is to provide customers with an excellent experience so that they become loyal to the business, which is beneficial for the company.

How do Virtual Numbers help a business?

24x7 Availability:

Customers need instant gratification and want the business to be available to their customers 24x7. This cloud-based solution helps a company achieve this goal by being omnipresent. As a business can forward calls received on the cloud number to the agents' mobile numbers and the landlines, it easily connects the customers to the agents, resolving their queries. In this way, they don't have to wait long before getting quick answers to their solutions.

Optimizing Operational Efficiency:

With the cloud-based number, a business can transform the way it connects with its customers. They can increase operational efficiency by routing the calls to particular agents who are deemed the best fit to answer a specific caller's query. Moreover, this selection is automatically made based on data such as the callers' history and location.

Data insights:

A business can provide a better customer experience with actionable data insights on the agents' performance. Hence, the Indian entrepreneurs can take the requisite steps to take corrective action if the agent's performances are not up to the mark. Accordingly, it provides an excellent opportunity for the business to nurture their employees, train them, and regularly improve their performance. In this way, it enhances the skill-set of the employees who provide a great customer experience.

Number Masking:

Providing customers the privacy and protection of confidential information also enhances their experience. The masking feature hides the callers' and the receivers' details, and there's no risk of data leakage. So, it gives a business another compelling reason to buy a virtual phone number.

Call Recording:

This Voice solution is equipped with the call recording feature, which records the inbound and outbound calls in real-time. After that, the company can use the recorded material to understand the common issues of the majority of the callers. Next, they can use it for training their employees on how to provide the best solutions to the callers.


With an IVR in place, a business can answer each call with INR's multi-menus, and easy navigation helps customers find a quick solution to their queries. They can also contact the correct department if they wish to speak with the company's representative. In either event, they can get their queries resolved quickly and will be satisfied with the experience.

Reduced Wait Time:

Indian companies can get the Virtual number that comes with the call routing feature. Therefore, they can easily connect the callers with the agents as the next available agent gets automatically connected with the caller. With reduced wait time, callers get speedy resolutions and get a better experience.

Concurrent Calls:

A business can provide an excellent customer experience by improving its agents' efficiency levels. They can simultaneously reply to an unlimited number of simultaneous calls, and callers get quick responses. So, callers don't have to call multiple times to connect with an agent, and they appreciate that they can quickly get in touch with the business every time.

Multi-lingual support:

When a business buys a cloud-based number, it can provide a personalised customer experience and aim at a more extensive customer base. With multi-lingual support, a company can create customised calling campaigns with local languages along with English and Hindi.

To conclude, organisations need to connect with a reputed cloud communication provider to set up a virtual phone number in India. Knowlarity assists several organisations when they need to buy a virtual number.

Knowlarity provided them with high-quality cloud telephony solutions. To boost the start-up ecosystem, it is also providing free virtual numbers for up to 6 months.

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