Step-by-Step Working Procedure of Automatic Call Distribution System

Nov 21, 2022

Having a robust ACD system is one way in cloud telephony with which contact centers can avoid issues like these. Let's explore what ACD is, how it works, and the potential advantages it could bring to your entire business.

What is ACD?

Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) is a feature of virtual phone systems that automatically directs calls to a specific agent or corporate division. ACD is one of the core components of all effective cloud telephony available today.

By connecting clients to the agent best-suited to help them with their unique problems, ACD is intended to reduce pointless call transfers, shorten customer hold times, and improve first-call resolution rates.

To organize and manage high call volumes, an ACD phone system is being implemented. Additionally, it prevents the agents from being overburdened. The system is advantageous for both the clients and the agents.

How? Callers can connect with the most suitable agent in the shortest time using automatic call distribution software. It improves consumer experiences while also raising customer satisfaction levels.

How Does ACD Work?

When a call is received by the system, a greeting message (recorded) & an IVR menu are provided to the caller. This IVR system gathers all the crucial data on the caller. To find out why they are calling, it prompts callers to choose an option from a menu.

The IVR system sends the necessary information to the ACD if the caller prefers to speak with a live agent. The system then begins to function in the following three steps:

  • Caller Information & Identification
  • Call Queueing
  • Call Routing

Step 1 - Caller Identification

The automatic call distribution solution examines the crucial caller ID information as its initial step. The information has the caller's objective, language, location & more. The ACD connects the caller with the agent who can address their issue based on these details.

Step 2 - Call Queuing

The next crucial stage is call queueing, which involves placing callers on a waiting list. The call distribution system typically chooses the queue's position based on the following criteria:

ACD System

Status: Call centers can prioritize and queue the callers before connecting them to an agent. VIPs typically receive preference over everyone else.

Wait Time: Based on how long callers must wait to speak with an agent, agencies can assign calls to the agents who are currently available.

Query Type: Businesses can even set up their systems to route calls based on the callers' specific inquiries. It guarantees that the requests are handled as quickly as feasible by the most qualified agent.

Step 3 - Call Routing

Call routing is the final, most crucial step in the ACD process. Businesses can set up their automatic call distribution contact center to route calls according to the distribution strategy they prefer.

How can ACD Benefit Your Business?

The ACD can be particularly useful for call/contact centers and companies that handle large numbers of calls. But how?

- Enhanced Productivity: Customers are connected to agents through an automatic call distribution solution who are qualified to successfully address their concerns, hence boosting the agents' productivity.

- Reduced Costs: The overall cost of transferring calls is significantly reduced with the aid of the Automatic Call Distribution system, as it reduces call transfers.

- Better Customer Experience: Customers can connect with the best agent who can address their concerns by using smart and intelligent call routing. As a result, customers can choose the best option for their concerns.

- Cloud-based Systems: The system used by ACD is cloud-based. As a result, installing hardware or software is not necessary. No matter where they are located, businesses can use ACD & they have a reliable internet connection.

Leverage Intelligent Call Routing with Knowlarity:

Customer involvement and satisfaction are any organization's ultimate goals. Agents will have a structured work environment if you incorporate cutting-edge technologies like ACD into your contact centers.

While having a powerful Automatic Call Distribution system is necessary, without the effective business tools to interact with it, it won't be as effective as it could be. One of the various cloud telephony capabilities offered by Knowlarity is ACD.

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Written By:  Aditya


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