Call Center Solutions on the cloud

Manage your inbound calls effectively with Knowlarity's Call Center Solutions

Manage distributed workforce with our contact center solutions

Knowlarity’s inbound Call center solutions allow agents in multiple locations to sync calls in real-time with their SalesForce app on field

Track personal mobile numbers with our cloud contact center solutions

Install the mobile app on your field agent’s phone to track the previously untapped business communication. Track, hear and record conversations with our call center solutions anytime, anywhere.

Set up our call Center Solutions easily and instantly activate

With our plug-n-play setup, you can activate your hosted contact center literally within five minutes of receiving the number. Managing calls has never been this fast & easy!

Cloud contact center requires no equipment

Save on space and money. Say goodbye to traditional heavy PBX equipment and have a single number on the cloud represent your inbound call center.

Our hosted contact center solutions offer enhanced caller experience

The hosted call center solution ensures real time updates for callers on wait time with personalized regional greetings, custom hold music & skill based agent routing basis caller’s location and purchase history.

Seamless customer experience with our inbound call Center Solutions

Use our inbound call Center Solutions to manage your availability with the click of a button.

  • Our inbound call Center Solutions allow your agents to set their availability status from available to “”not available”” or “”on break”” – with the click of a button. Calls are routed to free agents who are available to take calls.
  • In case agents forget to update their availability status, you can log in from your owner panel and update it for them – ensuring a smooth and delightful customer experience for your business with our call center services.

Boost your productivity by over 25% with Knowlarity’s hosted contact center

Knowlarity provides unique call center features which save a lot of your bandwidth, and allow you to provide an unparalleled experience to your customers.

Call center analytics dashboard

Monitor the activity of your hosted contact center and draw business insights with a customizable daily and periodic dashboard of call performance and trends.

Call monitoring, whispering and barging

Hear calls real time, share vital inputs with your agent on an on-going call remotely and take over a conversation. Reduce caller churn and enhance experience with our call Center Solutions

Handle large call volumes with our inbound call center solution

Ensure smooth functioning of your business with inbound call center solution. Handle up to 50 calls concurrently.

Call center solution mobile app

Optimize the call center solution to exercise greater control and visibility over business calls. Track customers and hear recorded conversations, both incoming and outgoing, irrespective of their point of origin

Our call Center Solutions allow easy CRM integration

Integrate your toll free number with leading CRM softwares and automatically add customer data.

Easy call routing with hosted contact center

Reduce customer waiting time with smart call routing to the next available agent. Also, direct calls to your personal mobile number


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