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Call Center Solutions on the Cloud

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Manage distributed workforce with our cloud contact center solutions

Knowlarity's inbound cloud call center services allow agents in multiple locations to sync calls in real time with their SalesForce app on field.

Track personal mobile numbers with our cloud contact center solutions

Install the mobile app on your field agent’s phone to track previously untapped business communication. Track, hear and record conversations with our cloud call center solutions anytime, anywhere.

Set up our hosted contact center solutions easily and instantly activate

With our plug-n-play setup, you can activate your hosted contact center literally within five minutes of receiving the number. Managing calls has never been this fast & easy!

Cloud contact center requires no equipment

Save on space and money with our call center software. Say goodbye to traditional heavy PBX equipment and have a single number on the cloud represent your inbound call center.

Our hosted call center solutions offer enhanced caller experience

The hosted call center solution ensures real time updates for callers on wait time with personalized regional greetings, custom hold music & skill based agent routing basis caller’s location and purchase history.

Seamless customer experience with our inbound call Center Solutions

Use our inbound call Center Solutions to manage your availability with the click of a button.

  • Our inbound call Center Solutions allow your agents to set their availability status from available to “”not available”” or “”on break”” – with the click of a button. Calls are routed to free agents who are available to take calls.
  • In case agents forget to update their availability status, you can log in from your owner panel and update it for them – ensuring a smooth and delightful customer experience for your business with our call center services.

Boost your productivity by over 25%

Knowlarity provides unique call center features which save a lot of your bandwidth, and allow you to provide an unparalleled experience to your customers.

Call center analytics dashboard

Monitor the activity of your hosted contact center and draw business insights with a customizable daily and periodic dashboard of call performance and trends.

Call monitoring, whispering and barging

Hear calls real time, share vital inputs with your agent on an on-going call remotely and take over a conversation. Reduce caller churn and enhance experience with our call center solutions

Handle large call volumes with our inbound call center solution

Ensure smooth functioning of your business with inbound call center solution. Handle up to 50 calls concurrently and track numbers as per requirement.

Call center solution mobile app

Optimize the call center solution to exercise greater control and visibility over business calls. Track customers and hear recorded conversations, both incoming and outgoing, irrespective of their point of origin.

Our cloud call center India solutions allow easy CRM integration

Integrate your toll free number with leading CRM softwares and automatically add customer data.

Easy call routing with hosted contact center

Reduce customer waiting time with smart call routing to the next available agent. Also, direct calls to your personal mobile number

Frequently Asked Questions

"The features of a call center solution are:

  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) – A call center solution has a feature of Interactive voice response which helps the caller to navigate to the agent on the call and find answers for their problem.
  • Call Forwarding- The call center solution has a feature of forwarding the call to the agent of another department.
  • Call Transferring- The call center solution has a feature of transferring the call to the agent who is free at that point in time to answer the call.
  • Call Conferencing- The call center solution has a feature of taking the agent in conference who is free at that point in time.
  • Call Recording- The call center solution helps in recording the call for future service quality checks.
  • Skill-based Routing- The call center solution helps to transfer the clients call according to the skills of the cloud agent to solve the problem of the caller.

Call center software smartly helps in call routing by directing the call to an agent who is free. If all the lines are busy then the caller is politely requested to wait in a queue or is informed that he/she will be called back. With a call center software, customer calls get directed and the caller never gets a busy call saving customer money and time. The call routing feature of call center software helps in increasing customer satisfaction as it allows better connectivity. Call center service helps in improving company’s image as all the calls are attended by the agent through the routing process.

The features of Contact Center Solutions are:

  • Track numbers and call details - A call center solution helps the agents keep a track of all calls details including the caller’s name, phone number, and call duration.
  • Fast call routing – Direct the calls to an agent available at that point in time.
  • Helps in saving space - It does not require expensive infrastructure as everything is now on the cloud.
  • Enhances customer experience - With call center solution, customer experience is enhanced as it gives real time updates and personal calling experience.

Interactive Voice Response is commonly known as IVR. It can be simply a pre-recorded voice note that is played or an electronic voice that delivers prompts by turning text to speech and replacing data at required places. It is like a cloud agent available 24x7. For Outbound calling, a pre-recorded message or a text is converted to speech and sent to many people in the form of calls. After the outbound message is played, the caller may need to interact to give feedback or choose an option - this is IVR at work.

You can opt for call center solutions to automate a majority of your telecalling operations from a cloud telephony company. It lowers operational costs and increases the ease and efficiency in the work. You can contact Knowlarity by their toll free number (1800-419-0333) to avail the services. Knowlarity has special services and offers for startups too.

Call center based on the cloud improves customer satisfaction with the following features:

  • Custom messages in a professional voice to greet callers
  • Custom hold music instead of monotonous beeps
  • Automatic routing and transferring
  • Time saving in their approach
  • Cloud storage for all your documents

An inbound call center deals with a majority of incoming calls, as well as with emails, texts, and live chat questions. Customers are the ones who reach out to the company the call center is providing its service to, rather than the other way around, as what happens during sales, marketing, or lead generation. Most inbound call centers have a greater information meeting towards customer services. When a customer needs/demands help with the product or service the client company provides, their calls go to the hired call center and their questions are answered there.

An outbound call center deals with outgoing calls to potential customers and visitors. The call center hired by a company appoints agents to reach out to people through call, email or SMS. Their objective is to organize surveys, ask for feedback, and run inbound sales. The majority of the activities in the call center are done by the agents themselves. Mostly it focuses on sales. Getting in touch with different people and targeting them for a sale is the main objective. Outbound call centers are operated for telemarketing, asking for donations, collecting debt, and market research.

Inbound and outbound call center services run on multiple key features:

  • In inbound call center solutions, agents can update their availability status from a dashboard, which can be managed by them or their manager in case the agent forgets to do so. Other features include call whispering and barging, mobile app and CRM integration.
  • An important aspect of the functioning of an outbound call center is a dialer, which is of three types - progressive, predictive and preview. Different dialers use a different approach to call your customers and automate the process. "

    Making sure that your user or visitor is satisfied is the main concern for companies right now. Companies focus on customer service to improve their experience as “good customers bring good customers”. Inbound Call Center is the key to improve company-customer relationship. It manages the incoming calls from visitors and users. Trained employees are appointed to answer the calls smartly as it represents company’s image socially. Most of the conversions depends on these calls.

IVR is short for Interactive Voice Response, while OBD is short for Outbound.

One major difference between the two is that an IVR helps the user interact with the system using their dialpad (press 1 for sales, press 2 for support), while outbound is used to shoot out information to customers - either by texts or calls. For example, when your Jio plan is about to expire, you get a call saying “Your jio plan is about to expire. Please renew to enjoy uninterrupted services”, and then immediately receive an SMS (and email) about the same. That is outbound communication (

Cloud telephony refers to the service that gives the company the ability to put all the company data and other information on the cloud. The company can access all this information from anywhere as long as they are connected to the internet. It includes a plethora of features like virtual number, IVR, click-to call, missed call service, outbound calling and many others, which help the company connect with their customers and clients at a low cost with greater efficiency than traditional PBX systems.

IVR (Interactive Voice Response) refers to the application where a computer voice responds with fixed outputs based on the input provided by the user through dialling numbers on the keypad. In simpler words, when you dial the customer care number, a voice gives you few options to go with - Press 1 for sales, Press 2 to track your order etc. This is termed as IVR. Hosted IVR simply means IVR on the cloud. The word "hosted" means "on the cloud". Hosted IVR is operated virtually on internet and you need a PC and internet to start with. There is no need to set up a call center in this.

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