In our latest webinar, our esteemed speakers Jaideep Kumar, Chief Sales Officer of Knowlarity and Adarsh Noronha, Country Director, India of Hubspot have shared insights on the important aspects of remotely closing enterprise sales deals.

The webinar covers mainly the transition from field to remote sales, running a remote sales process, the must-have tools to manage through the key metrics to measure the remote team’s performance to make the team successful.

The outcome will be:

  • Building virtual relationships
  • Skills enablement of remote team through collaborating tools
  • Effective online communication
  • Identifying & managing quality accounts
  • Remote team's performance activity tracker
  • Higher conversion rates
  • overall business growth and much more

Thus, the above outcome can be achieved by implementing a cloud-based solution with your existing CRM platform. The configuration will help to simplify the task of managing your entire sales process on a simple dashboard or an app. As a result of which, you will be able to create a robust communication platform with outreach sales tools like email management, LI Sales Navigator, Cloud Telephony, Meeting Scheduler and video tools with active webcams. These collaboration tools will help you identify & manage the enterprise accounts while being mobile and flexible when working remotely.

Our speakers have also cleared the misconceptions on remote enterprise sales. Followed by which they have explained the essentials that are vital for remote enterprise deals.

Main ingredients for a successful enterprise deal comprise of:-

  • Sourcing & research
  • Collaboration: Internal & external
  • Remote sales: execution & management tactics
  • Skills enablement for new normal

Hence, choosing the right smart solution at the right time will yield fruitful results even for remote enterprise deals. The tracking activity of the sales representative and the customer engagement will help you define the nurturing of leads leading to closing of successful enterprise deals remotely.