In our latest webinar, our esteemed speakers Nityanand Gopalika, Global Delivery Head of Knowlarity and Sandeep John, Business Advisor of Freshworks have covered the important aspects of choosing the right channels of communication tools for a smooth and satisfying overall customer experience through its lifecycle journey. The webinar explains how applying the right smart technology plays a significant role in streamlining the customer experience for every industry from first engagement to brand advocacy.

The outcome will be :-

  • generation of quality leads,
  • omnichannel engagement platform,
  • 360 view of customer engagement,
  • improved ROI,
  • deep insights via analytics reports ( for better decision making) and
  • overall business growth and much more.

Thus, the above-explained facts can be achieved by implementing a cloud-based solution with your existing CRM platform. The configuration will help to simplify the task of managing your entire business process on a simple dashboard or an app. Thus, you will be able to create a robust communication platform by integrating features of AI-based tools that can be easily configured with your system to make you go mobile and flexible.

Our speakers have pointed out the current CX challenges and how it can be overcome by embracing the right technology to create a robust 360-degree customer engagement platform for continuous customer support. Hence, the webinar has been divided into 2 segments where the first segment describes how today’s tech-savvy customers are powerful to uplift your business. While the second part of the webinar covers the cloud-based solutions that will enable you with a powerful tool to rise as a market leader.

  • The 4 key engagement strategies to wow the customers’ covers: collaborative engagement, contextual engagement, predictive engagement, and everywhere engagement (social media, email, call, etc) to respond to customers on every communication platform available at their disposal while leveraging Bots and AI for predictive and proactive customer engagement.

  • A cloud contact center ensures a secured and reliable platform by offering a 360 customer engagement view to track the journey of the customer and training the agents to serve them better in the future for a smooth customer experience.

  • Enabling a mobile device customer support: your smartphone is a call center that eases the process of managing the entire workforce on a single application. Every activity can be performed on a smartphone from making and receiving calls to tracking live agents activities and performances to generating deep insights.

  • AI enabled Text to Speech and Automated Speech Recognition transforms the conversation to text and vice versa to offer a satisfied customer support by analysing the tone and mood of the customer and the agent.

Hence, choosing the right cloud based solution for your customer’s journey will empower your business to scale at ease, as well as offer proactive customer engagement.