4 Tips to Manage Your Business Through Toll-Free Number Solution

Sept 10, 2022

Every business, small or large, requires toll-free solutions so that its customers or business partners can contact them without hesitation. Modern toll-free solutions also come with cloud services and interfaces to manage leads and customer contacts. Businesses are inclined toward toll-free solutions because toll-free numbers benefit in many ways. This article will give a quick walkthrough on toll-free solutions, toll-free number benefits, and tips on how toll-free numbers can efficiently manage your business operations.

What are toll-free numbers?

Toll-free numbers are business-oriented calling numbers where enterprise owners pay the bill for incoming calls, not the caller. Business owners often employ toll-free numbers to enable customers to call business executives and customer care agents without hesitation. Such toll-free numbers often come with a four-digit number code (1800) at the beginning. Customers can dial these numbers from their smartphones or landlines. Brands and enterprises have reported that toll-free solutions and services have boosted their sales by 200%.

Significant Benefits of A Toll-Free Number

Toll-free solutions render numerous valuable benefits like customer call analytics, call recording for future assessments, call monitoring, etc. These features can provide granular business insights about the business and how customers are enjoying the service or product. These insights ultimately help top-level business executives with better decision-making. Since all toll-free services are available 24x7, your business stays awake, and any customer can solve their queries even after business hours.

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Four tips for managing businesses through a toll-free number

Manage marketing campaigns at a low cost:

Marketing campaigns often become challenging because of cost factors. That is where businesses can leverage toll-free numbers. Enterprises can run digital ads and social media marketing with the toll-free number attached to these ads. It helps enterprises list potential customers and track their requirements. Businesses can also perform surveys or collect feedback instantly through these toll-free marketing strategies.

Manage better customer service 24x7:

Most customers prefer communicating with the brand or the enterprise before taking any product or service. Companies must ensure that customers experience an easy-to-reach communication channel that delivers uninterrupted communication. Here, businesses can leverage toll-free numbers to effectively manage the customers to call their customer care agents even after business hours. Toll-free numbers can also help the enterprise get real-time updates and insights about customer problems and fix business procedures to deliver better customer services and products.

Toll-free numbers for the education industry:

Online education services have evolved as a booming business after the pandemic. Learners and educators connect to online education business providers to make this service functional. That is where the role of toll-free numbers in the education industry comes. Even modern colleges, universities, and offline educational institutes leverage toll-free numbers so students and new joiners can contact them and solve their queries. It also helps educational firms and institutes learn about potential learners and contact them.

Automatic call routing through toll-free solutions:

Often customers have to wait for a long time to get a customer care agent who can solve their query. But businesses can leverage the toll-free solution provided by companies like Knowlarity. It comes with an automatic call routing feature which reduces unnecessary wait time. The toll-free system redirects the customer's call to the right agent as soon as the agent gets free from an existing call. It also helps reduce turnaround time and delivers faster customer service by increasing the call center agent's productivity.


We hope this article has given a concrete idea of what toll-free solutions are and tips on how enterprises can help manage different angles of a business efficiently. If you wish to amplify your customer engagement or automate various aspects of customer interactions for better insight, toll-free numbers can be of great help. Knowlarity is a toll-free service provider that can provide excellent business benefits like boosting lead conversion, increasing brand value, generating businesses, helping understand the market, maximizing RoI, etc.

Written By:  Manna Khare


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