Know the top 5 Advantages of Cloud Telephony for Business Communication

Sep 10, 2021

Cloud Telephony refers to various cloud-based communication software solutions that help businesses to connect better with their customers. It is a virtually hosted system that hosts communication devices and related apps. With a web interface, a business organisation can quickly get in touch with the customers, improve its communication quality, and benefit from its different features, making it a profitable proposition.

There are several benefits of Cloud Telephony that businesses can use to streamline their communication process. Let's discuss the top 5 advantages of the software solution for business communication.

1. Cost-efficiency- The Cloud telephony system helps organizations save costs as there's no requirement to invest massive money in traditional PBX ( Private Branch Exchange) systems. The cloud-based solutions are affordable, easy to install, and a minimal amount is incurred on maintenance services. Moreover, the solution is scalable which can be easily scaled up and down without any extra expenses.

For instance, the IVR or the virtual phone numbers can be installed in a few minutes and easily configured without any upfront investment. With no upfront costs, no additional fees for scaling the structure, it proves to be a financially feasible and cost-efficient solution.

2. 24x7 Communication: With cloud communication, a business can make itself easily accessible 24x7 to customers. For example, with the Virtual phone number, a company can forward calls to mobile phones and be available for their customers anywhere and at any time. With round-the-clock availability, the customers get solutions to their problems anytime, and it instills faith and trust in the genuineness of the organisation.

The IVR- Interactive Voice Response makes the business always accessible to the customers. The company can easily record messages and enable voice mail on non-business days and beyond working hours. The callers are assured that they will get a call as soon as the company resumes business. Such accessibility helps build brand credibility.

3. Better Communication: The cloud-based solution helps in improving employees' productivity. Cloud Telephony easily integrates the solution with leading CRMs and apps. With a comprehensive view of data and ease of access to all the information about the customers, issues based on previous conversation history, the agents can quickly understand the customer problem and redress it faster.

A solution such as the auto-dialer helps in tracking, recording live calls. The data enables a company to know the pulse of its customers, predict the purpose of calling, and quickly provide the correct solution. With all the relevant data available with a few clicks at a single place- the dashboard helps in improving the quality of the conversation.

Customers can get their queries resolved in the first call that helps to build trust and brand loyalty. It results in higher conversion leads which means more business for the organisation.

4. Saves Time: The cloud telephony solution saves a considerable amount of time for the agents. They can spend more quality time talking to the callers, understanding their issues, and providing quick resolutions. The Progressive Dialer is a perfect example that helps saves time by automatically dialing a number from the uploaded phone book.

There's no requirement of manually dialing the number, which is a time-consuming process. It also helps in handling a large volume of calls. A company successfully provides high customer satisfaction by attending to more customers and getting new customers while retaining the existing base.

5. Easily manage business communication: Cloud-based software such as the Progressive Dialer is embedded with live analytics and dashboard features. It consolidates information on the customer journey and displays it in an organised manner—the in-depth insights and visually organised data help make informed decisions in the organization's interest.

The insights assist in anticipating issues and face challenges with preparation. The solution also provides valuable data about the inbound campaigns that help the company in optimum utilisation of resources and evaluate the critical factors of different campaigns. It gives a thorough understanding of the campaigns' financial feasibility, and a company can take appropriate actions to maximise profitability.

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