5 Cloud Contact Center Trends To Look Out For In The Future

Jan 9, 2023

As businesses encountered the pandemic crisis, the world witnessed a paradigm shift in consumer behavior and customer expectations. The use of technology & virtual communication has become more common than ever before.

Companies that want to deliver outstanding customer service use virtual call center solutions and outbound call center solutions. According to the Precedence Research report, in 2021, the global contact center software market touched a market cap of 35.8 billion USD. According to their prediction, it will hit around 173.9 billion USD by 2030.

It will show a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 19.2 percent from 2022 to 2030. This article will discuss cloud contact centers. Then we will dig deep into the top five cloud contact center trends to look out for in the future.

What is a Cloud Contact Center?

Cloud contact centers are cloud-based customer communication services. It provides various calling and contacting services like toll-free numbers, IVR, outbound call center solutions, virtual numbers, auto-dialers, etc. Since such call centers leverage cloud technology, it features flexibility, scalability, and complete reliability with no downtime.

Top Five Cloud Contact Center Trends

Here is a list of trends that virtual call center solutions can deliver to businesses.

  • Redefining CX through call center solution providers:

Gone are the days of traditional ways of interacting with customers. Customers prefer more versatile and diverse options to contact brands without hassle. A better customer experience develops better brand loyalty. Cloud technology, VoIP communication, toll-free systems, IVR with conversational AI, easy CRM integration, etc., can render a seamless customer experience. Through VoIP, virtual calls run using the internet. It reduces the overall business cost significantly.

  • Omnichannel service with virtual call center solutions:

Another trend cloud contact center is experiencing is the demand for omnichannel services. As more and more platforms evolved for communication, diverse ways of communicating with the brand are what customers want. People now desire to reach customer care agents with their preferred means. Email, live chats, social media platforms, direct phone calls, SMS messages, or a virtual assistant are preferred means of communication as virtual call center solutions.

  • Revamping productivity and quality service through AI:

Call center solution providers like Knowlarity leverage artificial intelligence in their contact center solutions. It delivers productivity in customer communication. AI also helps escalate customer satisfaction to a whole new level.

Text to Speech (TTS) solution converts a readable digital text into speech or human voice audio form using Natural Language Processing (NLP). Again, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) helps perform repetitive or routine tasks like routing calls, storing potential customer details from toll-free number systems, etc. Chatbots and voice bots also use AI algorithms to understand customer expectations and needs. The future of outbound call center solutions will see more such AI implementations.

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  • Remote contact center workforce:

Hiring the remote workforce has become the new normal, thanks to the pandemic. Brands are anticipating the necessity of hiring a remote workforce. Virtual call center solutions provide services that help customers directly route their calls to the appropriate customer care executives.

The executive can reside in any part of the world and serve the customers through such technologies and services. Again, cloud-based call centers enable businesses to hire a remote workforce and remote systems without investing in physical infrastructure. As the brands pay for the services, they receive access to the dashboard from where they can manage customer calls.

  • Lowering the brands' communication budget and increasing self-service tools:

Uncertainty in business and a sudden dip in revenue are what the pandemic has taught every business. So, trends have seen a massive focus on budgets. Companies are leveraging cloud-based call center solution providers to reduce customer-centric operational costs.

Again, businesses are promoting advanced self-service tools like conversational AI-driven IVR solutions, missed call alert services, video tutorials, chatbot-based call routing, FAQs, etc. Self-service techniques and tools will increase agents' productivity in call centers.


This comprehension highlighted five significant trends cloud contact centers will confront as it evolves. Knowlarity is a leading call center solution provider that caters to cloud-based contact solutions for different brands. You can contact us for more information about our cloud telephony products & services.

Written By:  Manna Khare


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