5 Reasons Why Businesses Prefer Missed Call Solutions

July 29, 2022

The success of every business largely depends on communication with the customers. In the success growth, missed call solution is a boon. Over the years, the missed call number has become the most effective method that helps generate client leads because they are given the ease of access and since everything is done virtually, no cost is incurred. Businesses can leverage missed call number alert services for multiple purposes including receiving customer feedback, marketing, and voting campaigns.

Meaning of Missed Call Solution

A missed call solution assists businesses to call back their customers who dialed a missed call on their preferred number. With the help of the auto-dialer, the call has processed leads to connecting with the targeted audience either with an automated IVR message, through a voice bot, or a live message. Very often an SMS is delivered to recognize the inquiry.

As an alternative, it gets paired with an IVR for the market survey, delivering customized content to the targeted customers, feedback, and registration to navigate workable insights that ameliorate the organization’s bottom line.

This service also works for businesses operating globally, when they have customers from different time zones who might call according to their time. When there is no one, there will be missed call service coming in.

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Five Reasons Why Businesses Leverage Missed Call Solution

Proficient Lead Generation: Despite the prevailing multiple sizes of the business,
marketing campaigns' effectiveness can be significantly improved by a missed call solution via quality lead generations as the detail of the prospect is procured in real-time for engagement. By considering the use of a virtual phone number in business communication campaigns, brands or organizations can seamlessly encourage their consumers to communicate with them. This service is especially beneficial for people calling from remote locations who are devoid of internet connections.

Magnify Market Reach: As dialing a missed call number is free for the targeted audience brands and companies leverage the scope to obtain feedback from potential customers and buyers. A missed call SMS campaign can help increase brand awareness during the time of its promotions where a toll-free number is added that proves to be effective in gaining the audience’s interest.

Missed Call Solutions for Opt-in/Opt-out Confirmation: Organizations tend to render customized products and services and impede legal hassle for DND (Do-Not-Disturb) numbers. This can be actualized where the missed call solutions work like magic. The time and effort can be saved constructively while pursuing a conversation with the targeted audience. It does so by offering the customers the option of opt-in/opt-out choices during its marketing campaigns. Zero firm registration is confirmed by opt-in, while the customer’s interests and intentions towards a service or product can be verified by the opt-outs.

Effortless Integration with Analytic Tools: The integration of a missed call solution with the custom analytical tool like any popular CRM software, google analytics is quite simple and easy. With this, organizations can effortlessly apprehend and analyze the insights procured from every user’s journey. The caller trends and campaigns’ performance are tracked through the analytics dashboard to drive business insights which ultimately lead to the enhancement of success rates in marketing campaigns.

Boost Efficiency of Outbound Calling Campaign: Action-oriented messages can be transmitted by businesses to promote their products and services. It is specifically done for their targeted audience through a missed call solution, paring the facility of an outbound calling campaign.

To leverage these benefits of the missed call solutions, businesses should engage with the most trusted missed call service provider available in the market. In India and across 65 countries of the world, Knowlarity is the most trusted provider. To get the missed call solution service, Knowlarity’s unique feature solutions can help businesses ameliorate their growth of success. Key Features of Knowlarity’s Missed Call Solutions include:

  • IVR: With the IVR’s multi-level menu, every customer call is answered which helps towards the establishment of immediate communication with the customers.

  • Automated Messages: Social media missed call campaigns can be integrated and automated messages can be sent to the leads.

  • Toll-Free Missed Call Numbers: The customer base can be expanded by enabling toll-free missed call numbers that increase business marketing campaigns.

  • Real-time Updates: When any call is received on the missed call number, with real-time alerts it gets updated, so that no calls can be missed.

  • Analytics Dashboard: The performance of the call center and the caller trends can be tracked via end-to-end monitoring to generate valuable business insights with an analytics dashboard.

  • Call Automatically Disconnects: After a ring, the call automatically gets disconnected and within no time the agent can call back the customer.

Business owners intend to stay on top of trends in every marketing strategy for healthy and favorable competition. And Missed call number alert service is one of those trends that helps businesses to acquire the desired goals.

Written By:  Manna Khare


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