5 Ways Businesses Can Leverage Missed Call Alert Service

Jan 21, 2023

Today, every business has become customer-centric. Thus, brands want to stay in close contact with customers. Brands use different technologies and techniques to understand potential customers and their demands to enhance business revenue.

Missed call alert service is an excellent solution in this regard. According to Coherent Market Insight, the global missed call alert service market will grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7.4% within its forecast period of 2019 to 2027.

This article provides a complete walkthrough on missed call alerts in India and how businesses can leverage them for cloud telephony solutions.

What is A Missed Call Alert Service?

Before delving into the nitty-gritty of how missed call alerts in India & missed call alert services can benefit you, let us understand what missed call alert is in general. Missed call alert service is a cloud telephony solution delivering an easy way to understand potential customers who want to contact your business.

Customers often need to contact the brand to resolve queries, ask to know in-depth about services, or resolve problems. With this missed call alert technique, customers do not have to pay a penny. The brand can also comprehend that the customer is expressing their inquisitiveness towards their service, product, or item. The system will notify the contact center with the customer number & the number of times the customer tried to tap the brand.

The customer care executive gets a list of missed call alerts. The person tells the agents to call back the customers at their respective numbers through missed call alerts. Brands use various communication mediums like voice bots, IVR messages, live agents (if available), or SMS to reach customers.

Modern missed call alerts services like Knowlarity feature logs storing, CRM integration, automated message delivery, auto call disconnect, real-time updates, and toll-free numbers for better marketing campaigns.

How is Missed Call Alert Services Work?

Majorly, businesses use IVR systems for auto-answering customer calls. IVR systems provide a self-service menu to the customers to help them find a quick resolution to their basic problems. The same is used for routing calls automatically to the available agents based on the input given by the caller.

Once you set up your missed call management solution for your business, you can easily & quickly identity them, configure the auto dial with the system, & route the customer calls to the next available agents once answered.

The best part of a missed call solution is that you can take immediate efforts on the customer missed calls. Any business can track down their call logs for all the missed calls. You also get instant notifications at the occurrence of missed calls on your device & can monitor how many of these missed calls have been returned by your agents.

Importance of Tracking & Analyzing Missed Calls For Your Business

Any business need to track & analyse their customer missed calls. This can be easily done using a missed call solution. You can trust Knowlarity’s missed call solution as your provider for the same. A missed call solution provider can help you manage all the calls that went unanswered. This also supports in increasing the call response rate by incorporating IVR along with missed call solution.

Missed call solutions when used with IVR enable brands to take benefit of automated self-service menu & can help customers respond with keypad inputs.These calls can be transferred to the agents if resolution not found.

Similarly, missed call notifications with auto dialling can also benefit businesses by automatically calling the customer back when a missed call notification is received.

Five Ways Businesses Can Leverage Missed Call Alert Services

Missed call alert in India is one of the popular techniques brands & companies use to understand customers' inclination toward business. Here is a list of benefits companies can leverage missed call alert service to comprehend customers better.

1. Optimize Time for Customers:

In this busy competitive era, no one has the whole day to navigate through lengthy IVR menus or to deal with chatbots to contact the business. To save valuable customers' time, brands incorporate toll-free missed call alert services that will notify the agents to reach them back with priority. Customers get disappointed if they face trouble connecting with agents. Missed call alerts preserve the reputation of companies and increase brand value by saving time.

2. Stay in Touch with Potential Customers:

Visiting customers, returning customers, and customers inclined to know about any service or item are crucial for the business's success.** Missed call alert service is the easiest & most straightforward way to understand such revenue-generating prospects.**

5 Ways Businesses Can Leverage Missed Call Alert Service

3. Verified Customers:

Quality lead generation with genuine customers plays a significant role in scaling sales for any business. Trending services for missed call alerts in India feature quality lead acquisition. Knowlarity is a service provider that renders callers' details in real-time for efficient concentration on potential leads.

4. Better Campaigning for Marketing:

With missed call alert service, brands can leverage that toll-free number in their online and offline campaigns. It will help the brand reach a massive set of customers. Through missed call alerts, businesses can increase interactivity, where the company can get feedback and insights about customers' requirements.

5. Budget-Friendly:

Missed call alert services are budget-friendly solutions for companies. Again, customers do not have to pay a penny to reach the brand. Also, missed call service providers like Knowlarity feature an analytics dashboard to display real-time insights.


This article covered all you need to know about cloud telephony services like missed call alerts in India and how brands can leverage them. Knowlarity is a top-notch service provider for missed call alerts in India.

It provides the latest features like automated message generation, real-time updates, CRM integration, analytic dashboard, outbound calls for campaigns, etc. So, if you or your business is looking for a missed call alert service provider in India, check out Knowlarity today!

Written By:  Divya Shukla


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