5Ws of Cloud Telephony Services for your Business

June 23, 2019

What are cloud telephony services?

Cloud telephony refers to a service which enables a company to transfer all telephone facilities to the cloud. This means that the company can now perform all the telephony functions with data storage and internet facilities. Unlike traditional telephone systems, these systems don’t require any equipment. With cloud telephony services, the users can connect to their customers through a centralized online portal.

Why do businesses need cloud telephony services?

This service comes with a lot of benefits for a business.

Maintaining records– The cloud telephony service helps a business to maintain their records automatically. This data could be the caller name, number, phone number and the location in a database. This saves the agents time and efforts by providing them the customer’s history before getting in touch with them again.

Available anytime– Cloud telephony service allows the company agents to be available to the clients 24×7. This means the client can contact the company whenever they have a query and need assistance.

Easy analytics– It integrates with any CRM, helping a business to strategically plan their ideas by looking at the analysis. This is possible as the cloud telephony service comes with a dashboard through which a company can customize calls, record leads and know the trends.

Enhance customer experience – Cloud telephony services like a toll-free number, missed call solution and IVR system save a customer’s time, efforts and money while connecting with a business. Language and location are no longer barriers in communication with the help of these services. Communication with customers is now easy, cost-effective and quick. As a result, it enhances customer experience and satisfaction.

Which industries can use cloud telephony services?

Many industries and businesses can use cloud telephony. Some of them are:-

  1. Banking and finance
  2. Healthcare
  3. Food and Beverages
  4. Customer care services
  5. Advertising
  6. Hospitality
  7. NGOs
  8. Real Estate
  9. Sports
  10. Event management
  11. Marketing
  12. Playing guests
  13. Wedding planners

Industries, businesses or startups of any domain can accelerate their growth by using cloud telephony services. The services they can benefit from include IVR, call center solutions, virtual number, toll-free number, missed call, outbound calling, click-to-call, progressive dialer and SuperReceptionist. These services are easy to understand, customize and use for a customer as well as a business making them a convenient option.

When should you get a cloud telephony service for your business?

Cloud telephony services can help your business to solve the following problems:-

    - Unsecured database
    - Low connectivity
    - Impersonal communication with connectivity
    - Poor customer review
    - No availability
    - Heavy equipment requirements

Where can you get cloud telephony services for your business?

You can get a cloud telephony service from any cloud telephony service provider like Knowlarity. To get more details about the services offered by Knowlarity CLICK HERE.


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