6 Ways To Improve Customer Experience Using IVR Solution

Jan 2, 2023

Adequate customer service plays a significant role in uplifting the business and enhancing brand reputation. Over the past decade, enterprises and brands have been emphasizing customer service. Call center solutions are no different.

We are all familiar with pre-recorded and menu-driven calls that help us redirect calls to the appropriate customer care executives. These automated call servicing and redirecting solutions are nothing but IVR systems.

Enterprises are looking for new ways to improve the customer experience through IVR solutions. This article will give a quick walkthrough of the six aspects we can use to improve customer experience using Interactive Voice Response (IVR) solutions.

Six Ways to Improve Customer Experience using IVR Solutions

Appropriate customer service has morphed into a critical business component. Brands and enterprises are using new ways to enhance customer services for call center solutions. Let us explore the six ways enterprises can improve customer experience using IVR.

1. Routine Updating of IVR Script

Enterprises or brands should depute dedicated employees (for simple IVR solutions) or teams (for complex IVR systems with numerous pre-recordings) to listen to IVR scripts and change them based on business updates. These employees will be responsible solely for identifying gaps and faults in the pre-recordings. With this practice, the customer will not get lost in the maze of the wrong redirection.

2. Personalize it As Much As Possible

It is essential to know your customers well. Make your IVR solution effective by asking for customer details such as name and location. Based on those details, call centers can set simple greetings by calling customers by name or appreciating them for staying in touch with the business/brand. Such personalization exhibits a sense of importance and makes customers loyal to the business.

3. Less is More

Keeping the pre-recordings and menu short through a customizable menu can increase the customer experience significantly. No customer wants to wait a long time navigating the IVR menu to reach the right customer care agent. We as a business should take the responsibility to manage IVR menus in a way that looks concise yet compelling.

4. Do Not Keep Your Customers Waiting

IVR solutions with long menus often become hectic for customers to reach the right customer care executive. Time is precious, and you must value customers' time to enhance customer experience. Set up your IVR system so that implementing an IVR solution speeds up the service process.

Customer Experience Using IVR Solution

So, companies can assign a menu option through which customers can request a callback. That request must get updated in the agents' dial list so that the customer can get a call from the company or brand on priority.

5. 24x7 Customer Support

Businesses can enhance customer experience by enabling 24x7 customer services, even when your business has signed off. It makes customers feel that the brand is always there to support them. Modern IVRs like Knowlarity's IVR system offer 24x7 support and concurrent calls.

IVR solutions support call routing that can route the calls to the available and most appropriate agent so that customers get the best service. Such a process also improves the overall call center's productivity.

6. Professional Service

If pre-recorded voice messages in the IVR systems mimic studio-sound level quality, it can leave a great impression on customers. Customers do not have to put extra effort into understanding what the IVR recording is assisting.

Again, handling multiple calls automatically without latency or call drop through advanced multi-level IVR enhances customer experience. To get IVR solutions that provide uninterrupted calling and zero call drop, visit Knowlarity.


We hope this article has given a crisp idea of how businesses can improve customer experience by leveraging IVR systems. To get IVR solutions that can help improve customer experience and flourish your business, try Knowlarity.

With various plans to ensure that you spend the right amount per your usage, Knowlarity is the leading call center solution provider offering high-end IVR solutions.

Written By:  Divya Shukla


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