7 Reasons You Should Integrate With Knowlarity

Jan 17, 2023

Every brand wants to be productive in this technological era. Businesses can use automation and digital advancements. Also, call center and customer communication services desire to employ technologies. It enhances customer experience and makes their brands accessible to customers.

Businesses that do not figure out the right way to make communication seamless for customers often lose brand reputation. Integrating with the right cloud telephony service provider enhances brand reputation. This article will provide seven reasons why brands should choose Knowlarity.

7 Reasons Why Brands Should Integrate with Knowlarity

Here are some compelling reasons why brands and firms of different sizes should integrate with Knowlarity and streamlines smooth customer services.

  • A Complete Package:

Knowlarity is a comprehensive cloud telephony service provider that features cloud solutions like virtual number, IVR solutions, missed call alert services, etc. It also provides toll-free numbers, true-caller service, auto-dialing solutions, Text to Speech (TTS) solutions, etc. It is one of the top cloud communication businesses in India.

  • 24x7 Support:

Another reason to choose Knowlarity is that they provide 24x7 support. Businesses that want cloud telephony service for their call centers can contact Knowlarity. For different services of Knowlarity, the company also provides 24x7 cloud-based support.

Thus, companies integrating with Knowlarity products will not face downtime or disturbance. Also, Knowlarity services deliver omnipresence. Its solutions can route customer calls to the most appropriate agents' mobile numbers. So, customer care executives can manage business calls from anywhere.

  • Enterprise-Grade Communication:

If you want a cloud communication business in India with enterprise-grade quality and features, Knowlarity is the best solution. The majority of your business will rely on customer satisfaction. The better the customer experience, the more customers will rush toward your company.

Today, everyone uses smartphones. Knowlarity is a cloud communication business in India that provides excellent services. Some of them include outgoing calls, incoming calls, and missed call alerts. It helps customers connect directly to the customer care agent's phone number using Knowlarity's services.

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  • Privacy Concern:

Digital privacy is an alarming concern. Many companies, like delivery services, healthcare providers, service companies, etc., deal with customers. There the customer uses their phone number to call customer care services.

Companies that do not bother about the customers' phone number privacy often lose their business reputation. Thus, Knowlarity features number masking solutions as a striking feature. The service will anonymize both participants' (customers' and agents') contact numbers. It will connect both parties via a temporary number.

  • Easy to Activate & Setup:

Knowlarity's cloud telephony solutions and products are easy to activate. Businesses can contact this cloud telephony service provider. Once the company pays the charge, Knowlarity will provide a dashboard for the service. Knowlarity's solutions are easy plug-and-play with existing CRM solutions. Since setup and integration are easy, brands do not have to spend much time activating the service.

  • Highly Cost-Effective Services:

As we all know, cloud telephony solutions leverage cloud technology; it reduces the overall communication cost. Cloud communication businesses in India, like Knowlarity, employ cloud computing and VoIP technology to enable seamless customer-agent communication over the internet. It reduces the overall charge and increases scalability.

  •  Top-Notch Marketing Tools:

Knowlarity does not just provide customer communication and calling services. It also has AI-based products. Speech analytics, Text To Speech (TTS) solutions, chatbots, voice bot services, etc., are some of them.

Also, Knowlarity provides tools like missed call alert service and toll-free numbers. Furthermore, voice broadcasting solutions, promotional SMS services, etc., are also prevalent for marketing.


Today, almost every business revolves around customers and their interests. Contact centers with state-of-the-art services can provide a seamless customer experience. One of the top-notch cloud telephony services is Knowlarity.

It ranks at the top among various cloud telephony providers. It delivers excellent cloud communication business in India. As listed, it has all the features a brand needs to cater to services to customers.

Written By:  Manna Khare


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