7 Ways In Which A Virtual Number Can Boost A Start-Up's Growth

Jan 10, 2022

A virtual number is not tied to any address, phone, device or sim card as it uses the internet to make and attend calls. With secure and continuous internet connectivity, virtual numbers can help start-ups in growth significantly.

Many organisations worldwide use virtual numbers to improve their business functionality and customer service delivery practices.

Many organisations from India are also using efficient virtual numbers irrespective of their sector and size. Virtual numbers are also considered an essential tool for start-ups in the present era due to their benefits in boosting growth.

Following are the seven ways in which virtual numbers can boost your start-up’s growth.

- Improved communication with customers:

Virtual numbers will allow you to receive inbound calls in real-time through a tablet, desk phone or mobile with an internet connection. Virtual numbers are highly compatible with almost all communication devices; thus, your start-up will not need to work with an extensive landline system to communicate with your numbers.

Additionally, virtual numbers ensure that your start-up does not miss any calls from your clients. Your start-up can grow immensely by eliminating the possibility of missing calls from clients.

- Cost-effective communication solution:

As a start-up, you would maximise profitability volume with minimisation expenses. In this regard, virtual phones will prove a cheap communication solution. The only cost incurred in this solution is internet services that are highly accessible yet cheaper in modern times.

In addition to this, your start-up would enjoy the benefits of multiple numbers with a single connection with virtual numbers. Thus, maximising profitability will be easier by allocating different numbers for every department in your start-up. Furthermore, despite being cheaper than a traditional phone system, virtual numbers are highly reliable with greater compatibility.

- Increased output:

Virtual numbers enhance the communication between your start-up and your customers, improving overall productivity and output. Additionally, the virtual number will help your start-up keep track of all the business communication from anywhere using any device that has an internet connection.

Your start-up will gain higher profitability and sustainability with improved productivity and output and appropriate business-communication practice tracking.

- High-level professionalism:

Virtual numbers will add value to your start-up by making it seem legit and professional. Additionally, the network and services of the virtual number will create a professional outlook that will help you build a strong brand image.

Further, the virtual number will ensure that customers trust your start-up and feel comfortable communicating through a business number rather than calling on the personal number. Thus, virtual numbers provide a professional platform for growth in your start-up.

- No need for traditional numbers:

With a virtual number, you don’t require traditional phone numbers. This will save incurred costs and provide legitimacy to your start-up.

- Consistent data backup:

Every call, voicemail, message, and fax received or sent through a virtual number is backed up on cloud platforms. Backing up data on a cloud platform will help your start-up protect all the data, such as customer information and financial data, from hacking and online leaking. Additionally, data centres of virtual numbers help the start-up minimise the probability of losing data due to technical issues.

- Improved caller satisfaction:

Virtual numbers comprise the services of virtual auto attendants for every call in a customised and personalised manner. Virtual attendants of virtual numbers are usually bots that can be configured and automated to respond to generic customers’ queries, saving employees’ efforts and organisational resources.

Virtual attendants keep the customers engaged while patched to specific customer service agents to resolve their queries. This feature also allows the clients to be connected to suitable agents that can efficiently resolve their issues.

With all these benefits of the virtual numbers, you can boost the growth of your start-up. For more information about virtual numbers or getting customised virtual numbers, you can Visit Knowlarity.

Written By:  Aliya


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