All you Need to Know About the Number Masking Solution

Sep 17, 2021

Number masking has become a massive necessity as organisations are prioritising data privacy while meeting customer expectations. It is a technology that masks the number of agents and the customers, keeping their privacy intact.

Ensure Data Security with the Solution

Number Masking is an advanced technology that focuses on the Data Protection of the agents and the customers. Data breaches and invasion of privacy are grave concerns. It ensures that the customer is not exposed to the risk of data breach and can freely communicate with a business.

Customers need not worry about their data being misused as the number hiding/masking software prevents doing so. It helps improve the customer experience as people do not hesitate to call up a business to track their orders or get solutions to their queries. They can also provide suggestions freely that can improve the quality of the goods and services provided by a business. The Mobile Number Masking number facilitates a seamless communication process via cloud telephony without revealing the personal details of the callers and the receivers.

Top Benefits of the Mobile Number Masking Solution

Several benefits of the software prompt more and more businesses to use this cloud communication technology.

Customer Privacy: The solution helps considerably to protect customers' privacy. The details are hidden across all the interactions and are routed securely via the service providers' server. The data is protected with end-to-end encryption and therefore ensures data protection.

Call Tracking: The solution enables recording and monitoring the incoming and outgoing calls between the agents and the customers. It serves as valuable data that a business can use effectively for training purposes. The feature allows a business to maintain a stringent system of Quality Assurance that helps to improve agent productivity. The data analysis enables companies to provide an enhanced customer experience. Moreover, they can increase customer engagement and retention rates.

Real-Time Data Insights:

The Real-time data insights into the business communication prove to be highly useful as a business gets valuable insights into the communication taking place with the customers. The customers are the focal point of every business. So, a company needs to understand the preferences of its customers and offer them goods and services that match their expectations.

The Mobile Number masking software provides real-time data insights that they can use to make better business strategies. In this way, they can provide an enhanced customer experience. In addition to this, the data also helps in providing an analysis of the agents' performance.

The organisation can monitor the productivity levels of its employees and offer them training as required to improve their communication skills, update them about the latest products and take other required actions to make them more productive. So, with an enhanced efficiency level, they can serve the customers better and ensure the customers have a better experience with the company.

Build Customer Loyalty with the Software:

One of the solution's key benefits is that it focuses on customers and enhances the customer experience. With a better CX, the probability of customers staying with the organisation is higher. The customers choose to stay with the brand that helps the business get a loyal customer base.

Number masking Solution equates to better CX.

The solution is embedded with several features. The IVR allows the business to answer every query of the customers with a multi-level menu. With the menus, customers can find a quick solution to their questions and speak to the company's representative if needed.

With the Auto Dialer, the solution improves agent productivity and provides a better customer experience. It is possible by automating the outbound dialing process. The Click-To-call button- allows and encourages the customer to get in touch with your business quickly. The API Integrated Call Button on the website and app helps customers to call the company effortlessly.

**Conclusion: **

You can get the Masking number solution from a reliable cloud telephony service provider. Knowlarity is a trustworthy service provider and assists thousands of businesses in reaping the benefits of this cloud telephony solution. Get the mobile masking number solution to ensure data privacy, enhance customer services, and get several other benefits.

Knowlarity is a top cloud communication service provider assisting SMEs and large companies with the Number Masking solution. Get the mobile number masking solution and provide an enhanced experience to the customers while keeping their privacy intact.

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