An Exhaustive Guide to Voice Broadcasting Software

Jan 19, 2023

In this competitive & business-centric era, no brand wants to waste its agents' time. Sending voice messages one by one or calling each customer to deliver a message is a waste of productive time for both the agents' and the business. That is where companies and brands started leveraging automated software solutions that deliver voice-based messages to multiple customers simultaneously.

Cloud telephony services integrate these solutions into their cloud communication to increase operational productivity in call centers. This article is an exhaustive guide on voice broadcasting software, its features, and its benefits.

What is Voice Broadcasting Software?

Voice broadcasting software is a call center service that enables brands and call center agents to reach multiple customers or buyers through voice-based messages. The communication service can deliver voice messages to numerous audiences simultaneously.

Business executives and agents can prepare pre-recorded voice messages from scripts. Through this communication method, brands can create a massive customer base by broadcasting bulk voice calls with minimal cost and effort. Modern voice broadcasting software also features additional usefulness, like text-to-speech conversion, call recording & automation, call analysis, etc., for improved engagement.

According to the Polaris Market Research report, in 2021, the global voice broadcasting & scheduling software market was valued at 1.23 billion USD. Their forecast declares the global market will surpass a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 18.8 percent between 2021 and 2030. Voice broadcasting solutions leverage cloud computing for cloud communication to reduce the overall voice-delivering cost.

Essential Features of Voice Broadcasting Software

Voice broadcasting software has become popular because companies can use it for multiple purposes. Modern voice broadcasting software like Knowlarity delivers all the latest features necessary for cloud communication.

  • Text to Speech

Voice broadcasting software comes with a text-to-speech solution that will read a script or paragraph of text in the human voice. Such a feature also allows customer care executives to put customized names (of customers) to personalize the voice call or message.

  • Call Recording

It is an essential tool that helps brands understand the quality of communication between the agents and the customers. Once the voice broadcasting gets accomplished, the customer might request to contact an agent. That is where call recording becomes useful.

  • Auto-Dialling & Broadcasting

Modern voice broadcasting software uses a power dialer to dial the recipients' numbers entered in CRM systems or software databases. Such solutions also have automated systems to initiate the broadcasting of voice messages automatically.

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  • Call Analytics

Voice broadcasting software often helps to engage large sets of customers & rendering marketing campaigns. Analytics delivers detailed & actionable insights into your campaign's performance. It provides analytical data like how many customers picked up the call, voice message engagement metrics, call disconnect metrics, etc.

Benefits of Voice Broadcasting Software

Since you know the various features voice broadcasting software can provide in a cloud telephony service, let's understand how these solutions can benefit a brand.

  • Dynamic Scalability

Every business knows that the customer headcount fluctuates. So, voice broadcasting software must scale up or down flexibly as per the marketing campaigns. Even if the brand appends more customer numbers to the calling list, it should seamlessly deliver voice messages to them.

  • Cost-Effective

Voice broadcasting software is a cost-effective solution if you want to deliver messages to all your customers. Also, if you wish to get customer feedback or initiate a marketing campaign through voice messages, these are cost-effective solutions. Since modern voice broadcasting software leverages the cloud, the overall communication cost reduces significantly.

  • Better User Experience

Voice broadcasting software features test-to-speech & other customization features that allow brands to send personalized voice messages to customers. That way, customers feel more connected with the brand. It increases the inclination of the brand and hence leads to enhanced UX.

  • Easy to Activate & Setup

Modern voice broadcasting software has easy plug-and-play for your current CRM solution. Since setup and integration are easy, brands do not have to spend much time activating it to start broadcasting voice messages or other cloud communication.


We hope this article has given a crisp insight into voice broadcasting software in cloud telephony services. Using such solutions, brands can quickly send voice messages to a massive customer group. Knowlarity is a top-notch service provider for voice broadcasting software that features test-to-speech, call recording, call analytics, etc.

Written By:  Manna Khare


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