An Italian Calling

June 12, 2021

Meet Montaut Henderson, owner of Intalia, a brave new chain of pizzerias in Bangalore. Montaut takes pride in serving fresh and healthy Italian food, custom-made to suit the Indian palate.

Montaut started Intalia four years ago from his own kitchen, where he made lip-smacking pizzas for home delivery among his circle of friends. Once he was convinced of its viability, Intalia’s first outlet was set up in the city. By the end of 2014, there will be three outlets in Bangalore and, quite possibly, one in Chennai.

An early start

Even with big names such as Dominos and Pizza Hut ruling the roost, Intalia has managed not only to survive, but thrive. Ask him what drives such success, Montaut is quick. “What drives my business today is my passion for Italian food.”

Montaut believes that the quality of the food that comes out of his kitchen far exceeds any other. “My pizzas are not mass-produced in an industrial set up. We don’t freeze or use chemicals at any stage of our cooking, and our dough is freshly made every single day,” he says.

Fresh, authentic pizzas are evidently a major part of Intalia’s appeal. Another vital part of the venture’s success, though, has little to do with food.

Intalia’s bond with customers

With brand Intalia getting bigger, Montaut realized that maintaining his connection with customers — a key part of its identity when working with a smaller clientele — would need a new approach. He wanted a smart business phone that could convey his professionalism, help create brand recognition, allow him to keep track of all official communications and, most importantly, make it easy for this customers to reach him at any time. When he saw the SuperReceptionist ad on Facebook, he knew he had to give it a go.

Montaut says his business has greatly benefited from SuperReceptionist. The fact that he didn’t need a call center anymore, came as a relief. “People often ask me if Intalia is an international brand. That’s what Knowlarity has done for my business,” says Montaut. “It has given me the traction I was hoping to get.” The capability to gather and analyse the call logs has helped him monitor the conversations within his team and manitain quality.

“I would recommend Knowlarity any day. SuperReceptionist is a great product, especially for start-ups,” he says.

Montaut is grateful that his business is picking up in the city, but he also knows that there’s a long road ahead. “I want to keep expanding as much as I can. I want at least one Intalia in every zone in Bangalore.”

Knowlarity is with you at every step, Montaut. You inspire us.

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