Analyze Agent Performance Using Cloud Contact Center Software

Oct 19, 2021

What is a Cloud Contact Center?

A cloud contact center is a one-stop contact point for an organization hosted on an Internet server. It is primarily aimed at managing all the inbound and outbound customer communications. Additionally, cloud contact centers facilitate remote voice, email, social media, and other virtual online interactions.

Modern consumers are continuously increasing their digital interactions with brands. Hence, an imperative need arises for the digitization of a majority of business operations.

Easy and quick to deploy, and with a negligible upfront investment, a cloud contact center empowers your business to serve better with a modernized cloud contact center.

Top Metrics To Analyze Agent Performance

Irrespective of whether you leverage technology or not, staying in constant touch with agents helps track your (KPI) key performance metrics. Relevant call and communication data is the topmost requirement to enhance customer service. You may want to track aspects like conversion rate, average call length, and customer satisfaction.

Call conversion rate

The sales conversion rate is the number of visitors who buy your products/services out of the total number of visitors. This calculation contributes immensely to agent performance tracking. Consequently, you can optimize your sales pitches accordingly.

Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is one of the key performance indicators in analyzing your agent’s performance. You would find agents always trying to apply a positive and delightful tone to conversations. That’s because it results in better customer interaction.

You must track your agents’ conversations, their way of solving customers’ pain points, and their overall performance. Recording all the calls and storing them enables you to analyze and measure the same.

Average Talk Time

Call data encompasses a plethora of metrics. Another critical metric is call length or average talk time. Call length is essential for several reasons, and it allows you to optimize your agent’s time spent on a call.

A call that is too short means that the customer is most likely not getting all the information they need. It could also mean that an agent is hurrying through the call or possibly not sticking to the script. In this case, an agent may be focusing on quantity, not quality – especially for those with a quota of calls.

Why Should your Organization Opt for Cloud Contact Center Software?

Cloud-based call centers don’t need any capital investment upfront, and deployment takes just a few hours. More importantly, they empower businesses to solve customers’ issues and adapt to constantly fluctuating consumer requirements. So, here are the top 6 reasons you should choose a cloud contact center for your business:

1. Faster Deployment of Omnichannel Customer Engagement

Cloud contact center software assists enterprises in executing omnichannel customer engagement quite seamlessly. That further helps in efficiently solving the problems of customers.

Additionally, as no physical infrastructure is required to deploy the cloud-based contact centers, businesses can quickly set up effective contact centers.

2. Remote Work Readiness

Allow your agents to work from home or from wherever they like. The contact calls go straight to their mobile phones. For obvious reasons, that will help you minimize the total investment cost.

Moreover, cloud contact center software provides a single-window tracking of remote agents. You no longer need to rely on the work location and telephone connectivity systems for that.

It is now easier than ever to scale your contact center processes without worrying about the potential infrastructural roadblocks.

3. Contact Center Modernization

Eliminating the shortcomings of legacy infrastructure is a top priority for enterprises to stay competitive.

If you have the proper contact center infrastructure configured, it will be simpler to accomplish optimal customer experiences.

4. Enhanced flexibility

A cloud contact center gives you the complete command over increasing or decreasing the number of users. Additionally, it solves a common problem of providing access to new features and the ease of adding users in recent locations.

5. Lowered costs

A Cloud-based contact center enables you to deploy state-of-the-art technology with minimal upfront investment. This is one of the primary reasons why many organizations switched to the cloud recently.

6. Efficient reporting and analytics

Another huge advantage of cloud call centers is that they assist managers with comprehensive statistics and analytics with meaningful data related to agent-customer interactions. Additionally, the analytics dashboards also leverage advanced speech analytics to monitor the agent’s performance.

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