Benefits of Using Cloud Telephony in India for Business Organisations

Oct 18, 2021

Cloud Telephony is a technology that runs a telephone system using an internet connection by moving the organisational phone services onto the cloud. Many business organisations in India have been using cloud telephony to streamline their business communications, growing their prospects, and gain a competitive advantage. There are varied aspects of business functionalities that can be improved by using cloud telephony in an efficient, easy, and cost-effective manner.

Cloud telephony is a Unified Communication as a Service, which serves as a unified communication model by synchronising multiple communication and collaboration tools to enhance communication practices. Knowlarity is one of India’s best Cloud Telephony providers, which offers a multi-channel business communication platform to streamline customer interaction. Knowlarity offers reliable and intelligent communication solutions.

The key features of the cloud telephony software which would enhance the productivity of your business functionalities are as follows:

Ø Easy to Integrate: Cloud telephony solutions can easily integrate qualitative voice solutions in the existing CRMs of the organisation so that business functionalities can be carried out in the usual manner. With this easy integration, your organisation can save on cost as there would be no need to make any changes in the organisational information management system and gain the ease to make the employees use this solution. At the same time, they perform their daily job duties. In addition to this, cloud telephony integration does not require on-site infrastructure with dynamic and diverse technologies.

Ø Collates and Analyses Telephonic Data: Using this cloud telephony solution, your organisation can collate and analyse all the customer data on a single platform in real-time and prepare reports for reviews with a single click. With real-time collation and analysis, organisational personnel can guide the customer service executives to enhance customer service delivery.

Ø Enhanced customer experience: Cloud telephony solution of Knowlarity is highly effective to use as it introduces varied simplified techniques of communication which would allow your customers to reach you efficiently with their preferred channel of engagement. Thus, this cloud telephony software is not only easy to use for your executive but also simplifies communication for your customer base. Additionally, cloud telephony solutions provide robust and powerful calling features for working in an effective and focused manner.

Ø Flexible availability: This cloud telephony solution is highly flexible as it can be used anytime and anywhere with merely an internet connection and telephone connectivity. Thus, if you desire to connect with customers from another time zone or region, this cloud telephony solution can help you. This solution would also allow your organisation to recruit international executives to help international clients in their native language.

Ø Scalability: With a cloud telephony solution, you would gain the ability to expand your businesses in an effortless manner using smart technology platforms without being subjected to any sort of limitations. Additionally, the solution will provide your organisation with the enhanced abilities and improved capabilities to compute and process telephonic data for increased efficiency of customer service delivery. With cloud telephony solutions, your organisation can avoid the manual execution of repetitive tasks without adversely affecting team collaboration and customer service delivery.

Ø Reliability: Cloud telephony solution would provide enterprise-grade security and high up-time reliability, enhancing the processing time of information systems and providing reliable real-time analytical data. In addition to this, the issues related to wiring, weather, and overheating equipment can be eliminated using cloud telephony solutions.


Overall, the cloud telephony solution of Knowlarity will help the organization increase uptime and reliability of the customer service delivery by streamlining the customer interaction with automation technologies. In addition to this, the features mentioned above of the cloud telephony solution will surely enhance the overall productivity of the customer service delivery.

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