How to choose the best auto dialer software in India

June 29, 2022

Customer service and customer satisfaction: These are not just fancy buzzwords to use in a business meeting to sound sophisticated, but the real deal. Maybe a more logical question at the moment is: How can you ensure outstanding customer service for your business? And the best answer to that would be to get the best auto dialer system for your brand!

Using an auto-dialer for your call centre can be a simple approach to getting immediate results. The next apparent question is how to select the best auto dialer system for your company. You're probably feeling excited by various options if you're looking for auto dialer software.

This article will review some vital factors to consider when selecting an auto dialer. But before we talk about how to choose the best auto dialer, let's know about some benefits of an automatic dialer solution!

What are some benefits of an auto-dialer?

An Automatic Dialer software automates the process of making phone calls. It can contact sales team members or make calls to prospective consumers. This software makes the agent's task much more efficient by allowing them to dial through the pre-existing list consistently.

Auto-dialers deliver remarkable value in the following ways:

  • Improves agent productivity

Auto-dialers automatically dial the next number if the last phone number is unreachable or the customer does not pick up. It ensures that your agents spend more time conversing with prospects and customers rather than dialling numbers or waiting for them to respond.

  • Eliminates unproductive contacts

The auto-dialer system notifies you when a phone number is inaccessible or unanswered after numerous attempts, making it simple to remove them from your database. You will not only save time for your agents, but also improve the rates of the auto-pickup dialer.

  • Enhances ROI & Sales

For specific campaigns, auto-dialers can be utilised to make outbound calls. To monitor the success of each campaign and provide real-time performance statistics, you can track calls made, calls answered, leads generated, sales completed, and more.

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How to choose the best auto-dialer solution?

Auto dialers are an excellent approach to reaching out to new consumers and enhancing revenue. However, not all auto-dialers are created equal.

So, how do you select the best auto dialer system for your company? Here are some factors to consider:

  • Type of campaigns

There are numerous varieties of auto dialers, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. If you are planning to launch outbound sales campaigns, you will need an auto dialer that can make calls fast and efficiently while also bypassing unanswered calls.

Get an auto dialer solution that can process large volumes of calls if you are launching customer care campaigns. For increased productivity, select one that is not limited to a few agents.

  • Features to consider

Do you want to incorporate an IVR, record all calls, report all dialled numbers, collect call analytics, and protect consumer privacy? You can select the best Auto Dialer System for your company based on your requirements.

But what characteristics define an ideal auto dialer solution?

  • Dynamic queue: This feature can save much time for users because it allows them to map distinct queues in any campaign. IVR queues do not need to be updated regularly.

  • Call disposition feature: It is a fantastic feature for employers who need to pinpoint areas for improvement and enhance overall visibility and an overview of the call's consequences.

  • Insights feature: This feature includes agent-specific information, call details, and other crucial data to measure various operational efficiencies important for CX reporting in an organisation.

  • Progressive dialer with agent-specific calling feature: It allows incoming leads to automatically get allocated to a specific agent based on previous customer-agent interactions, agent skill, and other factors.

  • Lead dialling ratio integrated into predictive dialer: This feature dramatically improves overall calling operations by automatically establishing a proportion for lead dialling per agent, balancing the calling load, and increasing efficiency.

Organisational size & budget

Finally, take into account the auto dialer cost. Some auto-dialers have a higher price tag than others. Choose the auto-dialer that best suits your demands and budget, and keep in mind the size of your organisation when making your decision!

Auto-dialers can help you achieve your goals regardless of the size of your business, the type of customer you are targeting, or the type of calls you are making. With Knowlarity, learn how auto-dialers can help you optimise your call centre operations. Start a free trial with us today!

Written By:  Manna Khare


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