How To Choose Best Automated Outbound Calling Software For Business?

Aug 23, 2022

Automation has become the primary means to optimize repetitive working irrespective of the industry. In the case of call centers, companies are leveraging outbound automatic calling software to generate outbound calling to increase the agent's productivity or recording voice interactions to enhance customer experience. This article will talk about automatic outbound dialers and how to choose the best automatic outbound dialer for business.

What is an automatic outbound dialer?

An automated outbound dialer is a solution that enables the organization to generate an automatic outbound calling service with a pre-recorded voice for interaction. It does not require human interaction and allows the call center service of the business to establish concurrent calling. This cost-effective automatic calling software optimizes the target audience and improves the return on investment (ROI). Also, implementing or setting up and activating an automatic outbound dialer is easy. Let us explore how to choose an appropriate automatic calling software for our business.

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Choose the most appropriate automatic calling software for the business

Depending on various factors and metrics, we should heed before choosing an outbound calling solution for our business. These factors can be features or benefits. Let us dig deep into these considerations.

CRM integration: We should check whether the automated outbound dialer provides Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution integration. By integrating an outbound calling solution with a CRM tool, the solution can easily recognize all leads from the logs and database and contact them automatically. It enhances the processing and eliminates human (agents') errors.

Phone conversion recording: Once the outbound calling system connects to the potential customers, it can automatically extract insights from the customers through the human-like voice interacting feature. Now, it is essential for business executives and agents to listen to the recordings to pick critical information or clear any doubts. Again, listening to multiple outbound call records can help the business agents and customer care executives to identify patterns and trends. Therefore, before choosing an automatic calling software, you should see if it includes the recording feature.

Compliance with TRAI: Outbound contact centers typically lean on the principle of mass dialing. The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has specific rules and norms as a communication regulator. TRAI regulations keep this mass dialing in check. Thus, irrespective of business locations, before choosing an automatic calling software, we must ensure whether the outbound calling solution complies with TRAI compliance & regulations.

Data analytics and reporting: Implementing modern outbound calling solutions like Knowlarity gives an upper hand in rendering various outbound calling metrics such as call volume, number of call picks, agent efficiency, call duration, and gauge where the service needs more attention. Also, the solution must generate reports so that top executives and agents can clearly understand outbound calling. So, while choosing such automatic calling software, we must check whether the solution provides analytics and reporting features.

Outbound IVR: Before choosing an outbound calling solution, we must check whether the solution comes with outbound IVR or not. Outbound IVRs are automatic Interactive voice response (IVR) systems that work in tandem with automatic calling, wherein it notifies or reminds the callers about service renewal, due dates, product updates, etc., apart from calling service. It enhances the overall productivity and ensures the business is in constant touch with potential customers.


We hope this article has given a clear idea of the different features and factors we should consider while choosing automated outbound calling software for our business. We have also gathered insight on automatic outbound dialers and how enterprises can leverage them. If you are looking for outbound calling software for your business with all the mentioned features and factors, try Knowlarity. It is one of the leading outbound calling software providers that can provide you with high-end solutions at an affordable cost.

Written By:  Manna Khare


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