A Brief View on the Difference between Inbound & Outbound Call Center

June 2, 2021

Customer interaction and the ability to resolve customers’ issues are the primary aims of every business. To do so, different solutions are used by a company, of which, the call center is one of the most common options.

When we talk about the concept of call center solutions, two types of approaches are a part of call centers: inbound & outbound call center. The customer base and the business strategy involved in both these solutions are entirely different.

What is an inbound call center?

The function of an inbound call center is synonymous with its literal translation. Inbound call centers are to be set up by those businesses, which receive a massive amount of customer calls. If we were to give an example right from the top of our head, it would be a shopping site. Most shopping websites have a contact number.

Rendering a contact number with your business instils a sense of security to the customer that their issues and their queries would be heard and answered. So, depending on this nature of the company where customer questions and queries are frequent and thus are the phone calls, setting up an inbound call center becomes a necessity.

What is an outbound call center?

When your business model requires you to call up the customers after identifying potential revenue leads that is when you need the outbound call center services. It is more of a sales focussed approach, where the agent initiates the calls.

So, when in need to identify the type of contact center solution required by your business, go by what forms the 50% of your call records, that is, whether it is incoming or outgoing.

It is a common belief that the latter is more of a counterintuitive option for a lot of businesses. However, the actual picture is somewhat different. Described below are 3 logical reasons to house outbound call center services:

Proactive Support

The first and foremost reason is to put forth a dynamic image in front of your customers. Setting up an outbound call center propounds to your customers that they are more than just a revenue-generating option and an integral part of your business.

It is a massive win for any business to gain the customer faith and also it is a smart sales strategy. Apart from solving the customer issues, your agent gets the opportunity to put forth two more options, either of which might be considered by the buyer.

Genuine and easy to comprehend research results

No business grows overnight. It is a step by step process, and an adequate amount of research is required before leaping onto the next level. Setting up on outbound call center does an additional task for you.

Since you have direct access to your customers, conducting research is very easy. What serves as a cherry on top is the fact that you get easy to comprehend and genuine answers from your customers, who are also going to be the end consumers of any change in your business model.


With the accurate research results, you are aware of a lot of things your customer like and dislike about the services or the current industry trends. So, this kind of information right from the horse’s mouth acts as a significant boost-up to your expansion plans. You can work on the issues and thus gain better and faster customer faith. Getting customer faith and ensuring their satisfaction is the primary step in consolidating your business model.

But apart from these benefits, there are many issues related to setting up an on-premise call center. However, the cloud-based call center solutions in India have changed the face in many ways.

Cloud Customer Centres – The Game Changer!

The hosted call center solution has added several advantages to this idea. Described below are some of the significant benefits:


Cloud call center in India has added to the flexibility. Easy to scale and customise, managing your call center has become a cakewalk. No extra monetary investment and no massive hardware requirements are a significant add-on to reduce the call center pricing. It is also one of the most critical issues for businesses. Giving the ability to work remotely, the agents can access their sessions from any corner of the globe.


A cloud contact center has a higher reliability. This is basically of two reasons; firstly it is dematerialised. So, you are free from hardware dependency and the failures that are caused due to it. Also, this cloud call center solution makes sure that you have better connectivity to the internet.

Live Call Monitoring

With cloud call centers, live call monitoring is much easier than an actual brick-mortar setting. Recording, storing and analysing the calls are way more comfortable. This gives the supervisors the power to access this information from anywhere across the globe and make data-driven decisions.

Smart IVR

This is another critical aspect of the cloud call center. IVR enables better and precise filtering and routing the call. The VoIP ( Voice over IP) helps in improving the efficiency of this IVR system by its additional features like voice recognition.

Collaboration and productivity

Cloud call center software enables better collaboration and productivity. It allowed the agents to work on a single integrated dashboard. This, in turn, increases productivity and the number of fielded calls. With this enhanced call monitoring offered to the managers with the help of this technology, it becomes easier for them to guide their agents. All in all productivity is hugely benefitted with this software.


The cloud call center is a boon in disguise due to several reasons. Firstly, you need not put up with a huge customer service team and an IT team. The reason being simple, both of these teams would have a considerable downtime due to the absence of work. So, to meet the seasonal influx of work, you need not bear and additional cost all-round the year. Also, it saves a lot of time that is required in recruiting and training the new people on board.

The cloud call center is indeed a game-changer for your business. While adding productivity and better attributes and reducing costs, it helps your business go a long way. So, a cloud call center solution forms the need of the hour to help your business stand out in the crowd of the industry.

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