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Sep 20, 2021

Customer engagement is an absolute necessity to drive business growth and revenue. Today, businesses integrate the latest solutions such as the Click to Call software to increase customer engagement and responses. This is because the ascent of digital communication channels has revolutionized the manner in which businesses interact with their customers.

Nevertheless, despite the introduction of instant messaging, email, and social media, many customers still prefer to communicate with businesses via phone. In fact, a recent study has unearthed that 75% of customers opine that a phone call is the most rapid way to obtain a response from a business.

This is precisely where the click-to-call solution comes into play. Click-to-call, or click-to-dial or click-to-talk, is a cutting-edge technology that facilitates patrons to initiate a phone call with a business by merely clicking on a button on their website or in an email. The popularity of click-to-call service has surged in recent times, as businesses endeavor to boost their customer engagement and response rates. Hence, it is crucial to manage the communication with the customers using tools such as the Cloud contact center.

In this blog, we shall dig deeper into the advantages of leveraging click-to-call service in India and how they can help businesses enhance their customer engagement and responses.

What is Click-to-Call?

The Click to Call solution is a revolutionary tool that helps businesses to connect with their customrs effortlessly. It allows the customers to get in touch with a business at a click of a button. Contacting the customer is effortless, quick, and accessible.

Benefits of using click-to-call solutions:

Increased Convenience:

The foremost merits of utilizing click-to-call service is the heightened convenience they bestow upon customers. Click-to-call software eliminates the need for customers to traverse through a company's website or look for contact information to establish connection with a business. Instead, they can effortlessly click a button and be instantaneously connected to a representative.

This convenience quotient is particularly crucial for customers who are constantly on the move or who may be utilizing a mobile device. Mobile users often seek swift and effortless solutions to their predicaments, and click-to-call furnishes precisely that.

Improved Response Rates

Yet another boon of implementing click-to-call solutions is the increased response rates they can offer. When customers can establish contact with a business in a prompt and effortless manner, they are more liable to initiate communication. Consequently, click-to-call service can aid businesses in elevating their response rates and augmenting their overall customer engagement.

In actuality, some researchers have ascertained that click-to-call buttons can significantly enhance conversion rates. This is because customers who can converse with a representative are more inclined to make a purchase or execute some other desired action.

Personalized Customer Service

Click-to-call software also affords businesses the prospect of administering customized customer service. When clients can directly communicate with a representative, they can pose inquiries, obtain counsel, and procure bespoke recommendations.

This customized approach to customer service can prove to be a potent mechanism for businesses, as it can foster trust and loyalty amongst customers. When customers sense that a business is invested in catering to their requisites and preferences, they are more disposed towards revisiting in the future.

Cost Savings

In addition to the benefits listed above, click-to-call service can also provide cost savings for businesses. By using click-to-call service in India, businesses can reduce the need for expensive call centers or customer service staff. Instead, they can use it to handle customer inquiries quickly and efficiently, without the need for a large support staff.

This cost savings can be especially important for smaller businesses or those that are operating on a tight budget. By using click-to-call solutions, these businesses can provide quality customer service without breaking the bank.

Enhanced Analytics

Finally, click-to-call software can provide enhanced analytics for businesses. By tracking the number of clicks on a click-to-call button, businesses can gain valuable insights into customer behavior and preferences. These insights can be used to improve customer engagement and response rates, as well as to refine marketing strategies and improve overall business operations.

How Click-to-Call solution is helping companies to attract more customers?

One-click call- Businesses can increase their reach to customers by easily integrating the click-to-call solution in their CRMs. With all the relevant customer information available quickly, the agents can serve the customers more efficiently and increase the engagement and retention rate. Customers, too, find it easy to contact a business by merely clicking on the CTA. A company can provide them instant gratification by enabling them to get in touch with them effortlessly.

Post Form Tigger: The solution prompts the customers to list their requirements and briefly define the purpose of their calling. The sales team gets the required time by quickly accessing the correct information to respond to customers' queries accurately. It helps increase customer engagement as the agents resolve their queries quickly and provide a highly satisfactory response.

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Easy installation: You need not wait for your business in the UAE to connect with the customers using the solution after an elaborate setup. The solution is installed with minimal effort and lets you connect with your visitors right away! The services via the cloud contact center, as the name suggests, are available on the cloud, so no additional structure is required. By listing the virtual number or the IVR number, the business can start getting customer responses.

Easy Configuration: The Click-to-call software and the cloud contact center solution such as the IVR quickly redirects the customers' calls to the available agents. It cuts down the waiting time, and the callers can get in touch with the agents faster. The callers always appreciate faster connectivity with a business. It helps the company in engaging the customers by increasing its availability to them.

Record and log every call: The software solution allows a comprehensive view of all the data in a single dashboard. It provides customers an enhanced experience and helps the business to engage more customers. It acts as a unified resource for the agents, and they can track the customer journey effortlessly. They can view the call recordings, caller history, and relevant caller information and provide callers with the best solution to their queries.

Never miss a call: By never missing a call, organizations can utilize the opportunity to increase their customers. Instead of providing the users a form to fill and contact them, they can provide them with the click-to-call solution as a CTA. It is a quicker and effective way to increase customer responses allowing the business to connect with the users and engage them by getting in touch with them as quickly as possible. It prevents prospective customers from turning to competitors. So, an easy-to-configure solution can go a long way in attracting customer responses and revenue in the long run.

Integration with websites and apps: A business can integrate the click-to-call solution in their website and other connected apps such as Google Analytics to increase their reach. The agents can easily and quickly access all the actionable data available in a single dashboard and increase the quality of the conversations with the customers. Improved conversations help to increase the customer engagement rate.

Customization and Branding: Finally, click-to-call solutions can be customized and branded to match a business's unique needs and preferences. This includes the design of the click-to-call button, as well as the greeting and hold music that customers hear while waiting for a representative.

By customizing their click-to-call software, businesses can create a more cohesive and memorable customer experience. This can help to build brand loyalty and improve overall customer satisfaction.

To Sum Up:

Knowlarity is a popular name in Dubai and the UAE and is known for its high-quality cloud communication services, which it has rendered to more than 15,000 businesses in the UAE. The company is the best click-to-call service provider. Furthermore it offers various cloud contact center solutions to small, mid-size companies as well as large corporations and helps them increase conversions for their business.

If you are looking forward to deploying the click-to-call solution to streamline your business operations then get a free trial of the solution for 7 days and explore how it benefits your business. It is an easy-to-integrate calling widget that encourages existing and prospective customers to connect with your agents easily. Contact us for more information on this advanced solution.

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