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July 8, 2018

The world we live in is enormous, but the networks even though vast has shrunk to the size of our palm. Cloud telephony has made communication easier regardless of the distance and time difference between regions. Connections have become more accessible and refined. The barrier between customers and businesses has broken down.

We all are hungry for power and thirsty for control. If executed in the right way, it isn’t wrong. In our quest to spread our reach and make everything accessible, man unfolded the internet and then the cloud. It not only stores all our information but also helps in data processing.

The features of cloud telephony are a big boon to the world. Its services need not be created from scratch every time anyone needs it. There are many cloud telephony service providers in the market today. Services can be used and combined with other features of cloud telephony. The best part about cloud telephony is that it simplifies even mundane tasks to a large extent.

Key attributes

Virtual Number: A number that receives calls, doesn’t attend them but routes it to a pre-assigned set of phone numbers. It safeguards the personal contact details of the client and the agent.

Toll-Free Number: A number in which the caller doesn’t have to bear the cost as the firm who has provided the number handles it. It helps businesses attract customers and generate leads.

Click to call: Companies can connect to their interested customers and bear the cost of their calls. After a person enters their number, the system patches a call between the person and the agent when the agent is available. It saves the time of both the parties.

Missed call services: A customer who gives a missed call to a number provided would be genuinely interested in the subject. This ensures that the information reaches the right audience. It saves time, money and efforts.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR): IVR can be an electronic voice that delivers the prompts by turning text to speech and replacing data at required places or plays a pre-recorded voice note at the required interval.

Outbound Services: These are personalized pre-recorded phone calls and messages that can be sent to a large number of people at the same time using the data fed to the computer. It can be automated or prompted by a simple click.

Progressive Dialer: It keeps tap of missed calls or calls to be attended. It saves the time of the agent and ensures every caller is answered with the least delay.

Additional Benefits

All these services and its control has been encapsulated to a mobile app or website. It can be accessed from anywhere. Business is always tapped and never lost because of baseless reasons. The cloud stores data quickly and records every conversation. So, an agent’s absence, their work capability, and the callers’ demands, everything is recorded for future reference purposes. Cloud telephony maintains professionalism in the business. The cloud has made the entire process of telephony smart as well. Spam callers can be blacklisted and hence prevents the wastage of an agent’s time. Tells the agent about priority callers. During outbound services, it shows whether it has reached the potential receiver or not. If the receiver is on ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode, then the delivery is automatically stopped.

Knowlarity too provides these services. Besides, the call center services offered have unique features like call monitoring, call barging and call whispering to enrich work. Knowlarity is an old player in the Indian cloud telephony circuit. The most experienced company is here to offer you the best services to boost your business.

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