Knowlarity's Cloud Telephony Services — Cost-Effective and Customer-Based Features for Your Enterprise

July 9, 2022

During the COVID phase, a lot of businesses made use of cloud-based solutions to continue their functions. Many even continued remote operations after the work-from-home mandate was phased out. Through the course of this, cloud telephony became mainstream, with growing demand for cloud-based solutions for companies to pursue smooth remote working transitions.

What is Cloud Telephony?

Cloud telephony is a web-based communication solution for your businesses managed by a third-party provider. No traditional setups are required for this; instead, it is implemented through technology. It is through the internet that the client receives remote access to these services, while the host provides regular maintenance services.

It facilitates improved business communication through customer satisfaction and engagement. Knowlarity has developed various cloud phone systems as a part of cloud communication solutions for your start-ups and businesses to provide streaming to your business communication.

Knowlarity's Cloud Communication Solutions

1. Cloud contact center: It allows communication through the cloud. It is easy to set up, cost-effective, easily accessible, and provides real-time insights to upscale your business communication and sales.

2. Virtual numbers: Cloud-based communications are enabled through assigned virtual numbers where the customers dial to put forth their grievances and inquiries.

3. Interactive Voice Response (IVR): Knowlarity's human-like voice IVR automated call through self-help menus to provide a better communication experience to its clients.

4. Number masking: Creating a proxy number facilitates anonymity between the agent and the customer to provide a professional interaction while protecting the data of both teams.

5. Missed call: It encourages your customers to get in contact with your company for an immediate inquiry. Simultaneously, potential customers can be contacted through automated outbound calling, and fraudsters can be found through such call details.

Benefits of Using Knowlarity's Cloud Telephony for your Business

1. Performance upscale: Recording and monitoring conversations allow the managers to provide insights on phone protocol and customer engagement. It can be further applied in formal training and manuals for newcomers.

2. Enhanced caller experience: The solution optimises caller experience by providing real-time updates and personalised services.

3. Easy setup: The innovative plug-and-play solution is facilitated by integrating cloud-based contact centers with major CRM software.

4. Cost-effective: Knowlarity has developed a cost-effective solution for small and mid-size businesses to provide call management services.

5. Quality Engagement: Knowlarity's advanced solution provides a quality experience with human-like voice IVR and resources for enhanced customer experience.

Aside from this, Knowlarity's more than one decade journey into the industry has made its place amongst established and emerging service industries to facilitate better businesses through improving customer interaction and call management. Knowlarity is known for creating a personalised journey for its clients.

What is Cloud Telephony

Following are the multi-faceted features that prove Knowlarity's expertise:

1. All communication channels in one: All cloud telephony features are available on our official website. It can also be accessed through our mobile app, as mobile phones are also capable of tracking and monitoring calls.

2. CRM integration: The availability of various cloud telephony services allows Knowlarity to integrate its services with other leading CRMs. Thus, businesses can automatically incorporate customer data without much hassle of recreating or sharing their customer data.

3. Scalability: Knowlarity, through its integrated CRM, is known for providing real-time insights. It focuses on allowing its clients to upscale into their business at ease while making effective use of technology.

4. 24*7 customer support: Knowlarity provides immediate responses to its customers and is available to serve their business better with swift responses.

However, still unsure about using Knowlarity? Don't worry! Just give us a missed call at (+91) 1800-123-3705 or request a 7-day free trial on our official website and we’ll get back to clear your doubts.

Founded in 2009, Knowlarity has more than one decade of expertise in its hands. Testimonials are available from our clients like DLF, Nature's Basket, Carwale, OYO, Lets Doc, and Astro Talk. This demonstrates Knowlarity's capability as a leading cloud communication provider among established and emerging markets across multiple industrial verticals and 65+ countries.

Written By:  Manna Khare


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