Experiment and Research the Design to Create a Better User Experience

June 12, 2021

You will need to research thoroughly if you want to provide the highest level of user experience. In fact, modern web design is not limited anymore to including content, graphics, text and animation on the page. It is creating an ‘experience.’

User needs and expectations are inextricably woven into modern design and technology is taking over all aspects of creativity right from sci-fi movies to all other aspects of humanity. In fact, the ration between humans and technology is indispensable and undividable in these modern days and will be even more significant in the future.

However, there may be a lot of questions that may come to your mind when you look at the extensive use of technology in human lives and web design. You may wonder:

  • Whether or not this technology will take over the power from the humans
  • Whether or not interaction will be better only when people are surrounded by smart objects only
  • Whether people have accepted, or will they accept the fact that they will not be in control anymore and so on.

You will get the precise answers when you research your design keeping all these questions in your mind. There are lots of areas of UX design in which you should focus your research, such as:

  • Your design skills
  • The design methods to follow
  • The reflectiveness
  • The interactions
  • Voice user interface and
  • Designing bots.

However, if you want to narrow down your research questions, you should focus more on the shifting of power from humans to technology. Based on your research results, you should create your hypothesis so that you create a digital product which will not make the users feel scared or upset to use it.

Design Thinking Process

When you use the web design thinking process, you will need to brainstorm lots of different ideas. After that, you will need to validate then with relevance and feasibility. This is called the converging process.

Once the converging process is complete, you will need to choose the one that is most suitable for research.

  • This will give you the right idea to create a better experience through critical design in keeping with the power to experiment with the ever-changing power between human and AI.

  • You will then be able to make the best use of the user stories and keep it as straightforward as possible.

Your research method should include two experiments, one with video ethnography and the other with the observational techniques. You must follow it with interviews. This will enable you to know the scale of your design along with the opportunities as well as the user needs.

However, you must make sure that you do it most innovatively from latent horizontally to explicit research. This will help you to be on the right side of the scale as well as understand the research objectives.

Conduct a Few Experiments

There are also a few experiments to conduct with your users. These experiments will enable you to know how your users interact with your design.

  • When you analyze these results, you will be able to make the necessary modifications to your experiments.

  • These modifications will help you to maintain coherence with the different responses from your users, given the different scenarios of conversation with them.

If you want to avoid confusion or diversify the characteristics of your research and design, you will also need to classify the responses as pre its individual characteristics. Ideally, there are four different categories in which you can group the answers based on its variance of components. These different categories are:

  • Angry
  • Lazy
  • Reasoned and
  • Busy.

It is time now for analyzing the discussions, body languages, and type of interaction of humans and machines to find the similarity and the pattern.

Create Reflective and Amusing Designs

As it is with the Google Home Devices or Echo, if the users need to lean forward to communicate with it or maintain constant eye contact while having a conversation, this means the users must pay a lot of attention to make the device function properly. This will leave them confused rather than have a better user experience.

If it is the same with your product, you should tarry a little and look for answers to specific questions like:

  • Did you do something wrong
  • What is the reason for such undesired responses
  • It is creating any annoyance among the users and
  • What is that you should do to rectify the issue.

Ideally, your design and product should reflect on your users. It is only then that they will find it the most interesting and gain a higher level of user experience. Thoughtful and amusing designs will go a long way and will be able to create a reliable and useful emotional interaction for each user with the product.

Use Intelligent Tech

You will need to use a few smart technologies such as the AI-powered chatbot. You will see that the experience, responses and feedback are slightly different as compared to designs that are not AI-powered.

Using technologies will mean you will not have to negotiate or compromise with the undesired responses. You will instead be able to figure out the actual reason that triggered such reactions from the users. Typically, AI is designed to have a conversation that is scripted, and more than 75% of the users are happy to make such conversations even if they know that it is scripted, recent studies showed.

The interaction with the four different categories mentioned above are different as well:

  • For the lazy type, users are usually amused
  • For the busy example, it was found to be funny when the machine negotiates while taking orders
  • For the seasoned ones, it was more annoying to the users and most interestingly
  • For the angry type, the interactions are arguable and unreasonable.

In the light of exchanges of conversation, people seem to excuse characterized AI more. If things do not work as planned, users will get upset, frustrated and leave your site. Therefore, research a little to avoid such a costly loss.

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