What Is The Purpose Of Call Management and Explain 6 Best Call Management Systems For 2022

Oct 7, 2022

Handling customer calls and phone interactions efficiently relies on current technologies in place. Business owners and call center executives prefer modern call management services and solutions that can track and analyze how their phone service can impact the customer interaction of the business.

This article will talk about call management services, call management software costing, and various call management benefits associated with an enterprise.

What is a Call Management System?

A call management system is a tool & a method through which companies and call centers can handle incoming and outgoing calls effectively. It caters to a 360-degree viewpoint of the overall calling services of a business. Such call management solutions deliver better customer satisfaction and establish long-term relationships with prospects and clients.

Such systems do not just streamline communication efficiently but also track business performance through analytics and real-time monitoring. Also, the call management software costing is affordable. It can effectively manage customer calls and bring an impressive return on investment.

Purpose of Call Management

Call management solutions have become essential for businesses that receive massive customer calls. Let us explore some of the call management benefits.

Easy to use and manage: Call management services are helpful to boost new onboarding agents' training and customize call routing. It increases the agents' productivity towards rendering better services to the customers.

Call tracking and recording: Modern call management services use call tracking and a recording feature that helps customer care executive heads to monitor the agents' performance. Call recording also helps customer care executives better understand the customers' needs & queries.

Real-time analytics and monitoring: Call management benefits enterprises by monitoring customer-agent interactions and tracking various attributes in real time so that organizations can enhance customer service.

Live call transfer: Customer satisfaction has become a pivotal point for modern businesses. Customers get satisfied when customer care executives handle their issues in a single call and instantly. Call management services feature a call transfer option that helps to transfer the call to another agent fit to solve the problem.

Six Best Call Management Services

All modern call management services leverage VoIP, which runs through the internet. It reduces call management software costs. Here is a list of the top six call management services.

1. Knowlarity: It is one of the leading call management service providers that help agents track and handle all inbound and outbound calls and various other call operations associated with the business. Their multifaceted solution delivers features like IVR integration, call routing & recording, real-time analytics, tracking calls, etc.

2. Grasshopper: It is another call management service provider that provides small business owners to manage business calls & their communication devices from one central location. It can handle 250 participants in a video meeting.

3. Nextiva: It is another popular call management service that comes at affordable costs and allows managing calls with features like IVR, forwarding, automated call attendant, etc.

4. Vonage: It is another well-known call management service provider that delivers a robust yet inexpensive communications platform with collaborative features to deliver excellent customer support.

5. 8x8: If anyone is looking for unlimited international calling service to a wide range of customers, this is a great call management service provider. It also helps in team collaboration and team management and provides the facility of unlimited SMS.

6. RingCentral: For a scaling business, RingCentral is an ideal call center solution. Apart from simple setup and easy use, it also features 300 third-party app integrations and detailed reports and analytics generation.

Conclusion –

We hope this article has provided a crisp idea of the call management solutions and call management benefits. This article also highlights the top six call management service providers that deliver excellent call management support to businesses. If you are looking for a top-class call management solution, try Knowlarity.

Knowlarity ranks at the top among all mentioned call management service providers for its excellent call management features.

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