How can a business enhance CX with IVR Number?

Sep 16, 2021

The IVR number refers to Interactive Voice Response, and it is a cloud telephony technology that is helping a large number of businesses to streamline their business communication. The solution is embedded with several menus that provide the possible options the customers are looking for to get instant resolutions to their queries. Moreover, it also enables smart call routing that helps businesses connect customers with available agents.

A reliable IVR service provider can offer you the automated call management solution that helps businesses make the business communication process more efficient. It initiates the communication with a personalised greeting message and offers multi-level menus that the customers can choose to get the desired solution. In this way, they can get their queries resolved faster by selecting the correct option.

More Leads: The solution helps generate high-quality leads, which is an absolute necessity to promote business growth. A quick iteration process boosts customer loyalty and provides businesses with a pool of loyal customers.

Create a Professional Brand Image: The solution provides instant connectivity to the customer with the business with multi-level menus. Such a professional communication system helps create a company's professional image and make a good impression. It helps in a higher customer engagement and retention rate.

24x7 Customer support: With the IVR solution, the customers can always resolve their queries at any time- during business hours, odd hours, and non-working days. It improves CX to a considerable extent as customers get the flexibility of time. A trustworthy IVR service provider can offer the solution at the best prices.

Reduced wait Time: The IVR solution automatically routes the calls to the available agents. Therefore, customers can instantly connect with the business without waiting in long queues to get answers to their queries. Faster connectivity provides customers with a better CX.

Concurrent Calls: As the IVR number allows simultaneous calls, a business can attend many concurrent inbound calls. It also helps in reducing the wait time, which the customers highly appreciate.

Customisable Menus: The IVR solution allows customising the call flow menus categorised along with several sub-menus. It helps the customers in easy navigation, and they can easily choose the desired option for the resolution of their queries. Customers are delighted to get a quick answer to their questions. So, it's advisable to get in touch with a reputed IVR service provider to get the solution and create a happy customer base.

Maintain quality standards: The IVR solution helps maintain quality standards and provides the best experience to the customers with the call recording feature. Businesses can record the calls and use the recording to improve agent efficiency, understand the customers' pain points and resolve them to strengthen business relationships.

Handle large Call volumes: A business can enhance its efficiency levels while handling a large volume of calls. Handling peak load becomes more manageable with the solution as it simultaneously connects multiple customers via multi-level menus. So, the wait time is reduced considerably and provides high satisfaction to the customers.

Personalised Experience: The IVR number allows businesses to provide a highly appreciable personalised experience to the customers. By greeting them with their names and directing the conversation by predicting the purpose of the goal based on call history and providing a great customer experience.

Multilingual support: There's nothing better than providing customer communication in regional/ local languages, leading to better CX. The solution offers multilingual support to the customers in English, Hindi, and other regional languages. It makes the customers more comfortable, and they can converse without any apprehensions in their chosen language.

Omnipresence: Today, customers need 24x7 connectivity with a business and need solutions to their queries. With the IVR system, a company can forward the calls to the agents' mobile numbers and even landlines. Thereby ensuring round-the-clock availability, the software helps to enhance customer experience, which goes a long way in building brand loyalty.


The IVR number is a beneficial communication technology that businesses should get to provide better experiences by improving the communication process and modernising it. The solution is easy to set up. It comes with a smart plug-n-play setup; a business can activate the software easily within a few minutes.

Moreover, the solution is cost-efficient, and a company doesn't need a heavy upfront investment to procure it. If you are looking for a reliable IVR service provider, then look no further than Knowlarity, which has provided several Cloud Communication technologies to small, midsize, and large companies. With the IVR system, many businesses have been able to retain more customers and increase their profitability.

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