How can Businesses enhance Customer Service using Virtual Numbers?

May 9, 2021

This question is doing rounds in the business circle and gaining immense popularity among all types of industries. Irrespective of their scale, organisations are integrating this solution into their systems to improve Customer Experience. CX is an essential factor that plays a vital role in the success of an organisation.

The better the CX is, the better the revenue as happy customers ensure business continuity and help it maximize profitability. So, let's discuss what the technology is all about and provide your answer with - how can I get a Virtual Phone Number?**

What is a Virtual Phone Number?

A Virtual Phone Number can be defined as a cloud-based number not affixed to a particular landline or associated with a specific mobile number. It is a cloud telephony solution that allows businesses to be connected with their customers 24x7. It routes incoming customer calls to specific agents who can resolve their queries in the best possible manner. Both local and international virtual numbers are available that help businesses tap global markets.

After knowing what a Virtual Phone Number is, let's understand how businesses can improve Customer Service?

24x7 Availability: The virtual number gives a business the flexibility and ease of connecting with their customers 24x7. The calls can be forward to the agents' phone numbers and landlines. Callers can get connected to the business anytime they want.

With the data available, the company can quickly get back to the callers and resolve their issues. A business does not lose any inbound or outbound calls, and it can follow up diligently to nurture the potential leads and convert them into customers.

IVR: The IVR, when integrated with the virtual number, is one of the best ways to improve customer experience. With multi-level menus in the IVR, it provides customers options to get the exact solution they need instantly. Moreover, they can choose to connect with the company's executives and speak to them to resolve their issues.

**Number Masking: **Customers' experience can be enhanced by protecting their privacy. The number masking feature identity of the callers and the agent is hidden, keeping their data secure.

Call recording: The virtual number allows to record calls that act as extensive data, which a business can effectively use to improve quality standards. The recordings work as a guiding reference to enhance the agents' performance and make the required changes in the business strategy.

Use Data Insights: The solution provides actionable data insights on the calls. The data helps in understanding the customers' preferences and also track the agents' performance. With all the data available, the business can improve efficiency, which will help them provide high satisfaction to the callers and reduce churn. You can get this benefit, and if you want to know how I can get a virtual phone number, you need to contact a reliable cloud telephony company.

Call routing: The best way to improve CX is to connect with the customers quickly and provide the right solutions immediately. The Virtual Number enables optimisation of the call routing process and directs the calls to the available agents. It reduces the wait time and helps callers instantly connect with the business.

**Multi-lingual support: **Improve customer experience with multi-lingual support services. Provide a personalised experience with customer support in local languages. A business can efficiently run automated calling campaigns customised on the IVR for local languages, English and Hindi.

Concurrent Calls: The Virtual Phone number enables a business to attend to a large number of simultaneous calls. More calls mean higher customer satisfaction and more opportunities to convert leads. Either way, it is beneficial for businesses.

International Reach: A business can streamline its operations in the international market with virtual numbers for different countries. Not only is the virtual number cost-efficient, but it also connects a company with its potential customers in foreign countries.


With the above information shared, now you are acquainted with the technology and answer the question- what is a virtual phone number? Indeed, with several advantages, it would be an excellent investment for organizations to get this technology to promote business growth.

Knowlarity is a trusted name in the cloud telephony industry. If you think about how I can get a virtual phone number, you can rely on the company for high-quality services. Their cloud telephony solutions have proven to be a catalyst in business growth and helped in customer acquisition.

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