What Is Outbound Call Center Software And How Can I Improve My Outbound Call Center?

July 16, 2022

A call centre where the agents place calls for various business services for a company like telemarketing, telesales, collections, etc., is called an outbound call center. By automating dialling, screening answering machines, and giving the agents the choice to click to dial a contact number, outbound call center software streamlines and improves productivity. Increased agent productivity, contact centre operations, and connect rates are the results of improving your outbound call centre software. Unattended recorded voice conversation with the caller is made possible by an automated calling service. This enables companies to mass dial their target clients with automated outbound call blasts.

Knowlarity is a trusted outbound call centre software in India and offers personalised services for enhancing the customer experience for your business. We have close to 300+ employees globally, offering unmatched reliability and intelligence, catering to client demands, and assisting them in each step of their business process. With Knowlarity, you have the tools you need to improve your outbound call centre.

Our outbound call centre software provides immense business value to customer experience like the ones listed below :

1. Reduce agent wait time

Using predictive dialer software can boost call centre agents' efficiency while assuring high call connect rates. Based on programmable dialer algorithms, it reduces the wait time for the customer. Following that, it automatically calls out numbers from the pre-programmed lead list to minimise agent effort and boost productivity.

2. Automate campaigns

With Knowlarity's software, you may concurrently manage numerous dialling procedures or campaigns. To guarantee optimal dialer use in your call centre, you may create, remove, or alter campaigns with only one click. Additionally, the outbound agents no longer need to choose campaigns manually in order to complete their duties. Agents are automatically routed to the particular campaigns and queues to which they are allocated, increasing efficiency and lowering the possibility of mistakes.

Outbound Call Center

3. Maximise productivity

Give your call centre staff the tools they need to operate efficiently and eliminate manual duties so they can concentrate more on dealing with customers. Agents may manage numerous activities, such as receiving calls and accessing client information, within a single window using a unified desktop, which cuts down on the average agent handling time. Tools like voicemail drop and callback scheduling help agents to be more productive.

4. Informed conversations

Give your telemarketers and agents access to crucial client data so they may have informed discussions. Before a call is connected, a Preview Dialer shows the client details on the agent's screen. As a result, they will have time to get to know the buyer and adjust their sales pitch. When the list includes valuable prospects or clients, the preview auto dialer is quite helpful.

5. Auto dialers

Productivity in outbound contact centers is primarily influenced by the number of connected calls and agent talk time. However, it can also be hampered by different issues, including call waiting, unanswered calls, etc. Using dialer software for outbound call centers helps to automate the calling process and increase operational efficiency while lowering call drop rates.

6. Track Campaign engagements and Interactions

Gain real-time knowledge about call volumes, connect rates, campaign data summaries, etc., to better manage the outbound call center software. Making better judgments about resource allocation and campaign management is made possible by reports and dashboards.

Supervisors may order customer data on the lead level using outbound lead level filters, doing away with the need to design several campaigns. To anticipate operational changes and make appropriate plans, live data on metrics such as the number of active calls, the number of calls in the queue, the number of agents on call, etc.

Written By:  Farha


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