How Does IVR Powered Campaign Offer Better ROI For Education Industry From Lead Generation To Engagement

March 25, 2022

The education industry demands constant touch with students, teachers, and other related parties for maximum engagement and lead generation. An IVR system is helpful for educational institutions such as schools, colleges, universities, and training centers for automating support tasks for efficient results. Deploying an IVR campaign allows answering every incoming query and assures that all learning courses' questions get answered.

This article will discuss how an IVR in the education industry generates better ROI and make maximum candidate engagement.

IVR Campaign for better ROI in the Education Industry

IVR is a popular technology with which a computer can interact with humans by using voice and or keypad and is expected whenever the business number is dialled. It is software that works 24x7 reliably and creates call flows based on user requirements handling thousands of calls, and can be dispersed and installed in multiple locations using the IVR number. In other words, it is a telephone-based menu with which a company identifies a call and routes it to the destined department. Thus, the data can be extracted from the database, text file, and played over the phone.

In the education sector, IVR is used to update the student’s attendance, results, fees, and much more, described as below:

i. Simplify Connectivity

Educational institutes need to communicate clearly and transparently with students, parents, and other institutes. You can choose any IVR setup during an admission campaign to broaden audience reach or want comprehensive communication call analytics flexibly. Every learning institute has a website revealing crucial information. The IVR system allows site visitors to speak using its inbuilt feature with a "Click to Call" button if they have any queries. The IVR system connects visitors and agents by calling agents and visitors and ensuring that every prospect is given attention using a single number.

ii. Answer Multiple Queries

IVR has changed the way the students and parents connect with a staff member to get the correct information by answering thousands of queries. All a caller does is listen to the IVRs options and enter the student’s ID when prompted. When the data is fed into the IVR, the requested information is shared immediately. Callers can learn the dates, times, requirements, and eligibility for scheduled exams with an IVR system. This comes as an excellent solution for education institutes for allocating the resources better.

iii. Cost Minimisation and Enhanced Productivity

Ed-techs are leveraging technology globally, demonstrating the educational model's uniqueness by setting up advertisement campaigns with industry standards. In the educational sector, communication becomes more straightforward and saves costs in the educational sector. An IVR allows the students and parents to quickly clarify queries related to exam schedules, holidays, and attendance status using bulk calls or SMS. IVR can tackle several clients at a time, and this data is stored in the cloud database, which is always accessible. Using cloud technology, you can allow the call attendant to work on essential calls creating a brand image and improving ROI with more satisfied clients.

iv. Regular Messaging

Educational institutes need to communicate with parents for the enrolled students regularly. Regular SMSs regarding the student performance, upcoming events, results, and due fees make the interaction smoother, installing trust between the parties involved. It also boosts the overall engagement between the students, their parents, and the institute.

v. Toll-free Number An IVR number offers the advantage of being toll-free, which makes people more likely to call. With the CRM system integration, the schools carry personal care beyond the classroom. When a call is made to know a particular course's details, it is routed to a suitable agent having a student's academic records of serving the caller quickly.

An IVR system is a priceless technology for educational institutions. Institutes that use IVR can outshine their competitors and deliver exceptional service quality. Using IVR, the students are more attracted, allowing a positive word of mouth dispersed about the institute. Consequently, IVR leads to a better generation of leads and ultimately adds significantly to the ROI.

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Written By:  Aliya


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