How Interactive Voice Broadcasting Can Be Beneficial For You?

25 Aug, 2022

One of the major challenges faced by businesses these days is to reach out to a bulk of the audience in the least time possible. Businesses need to update their customers about the various events taking place like: new product launches, festive sales/offers, store openings, etc.

If a representative is asked to update each customer separately, the time, cost, and effort taken will be a lot more. This time, the money and efforts of the customer representative can be saved for other needed operations by using Voice Broadcasting.

What is Voice Broadcasting?

Voice broadcasting is a communication technology that enables a business to send pre-recorded voice messages to a large group of people simultaneously. Voice broadcasting software is a tool that helps a business reach out to their potential leads and present customers with their personalized voice messages.

A voice broadcasting system handles a database full of phone number lists and the recorded messages that need to be communicated to the customers. Using cloud telephony technology, these recorded messages can be shared with thousands of people at one time.

Personalized messages/ information can also be shared in a similar way. The advanced level of broadcasting systems includes detection of answering machines and playing the appropriate message to the machine.

Similarly, the advanced voice broadcasting system now includes interactive voice broadcasting, which has some additional features and benefits for any industry or organization.

Define Interactive Voice Broadcasting

Interactive voice broadcasting service is the best voice broadcasting service available these days. This system not only lets a business play their recorded message to the customer but also enables customers to listen to the message and respond or interact with the broadcasting system by pressing a key from the keypad of their phone.

The system is intelligent enough to detect the pressed key and is programmed to play different messages accordingly. This type of system is also called interactive voice messaging or voice broadcasting with IVR.

This form of communication is even more effective for gaining an audience and enhancing customer satisfaction. Your audience now has the option to interact with you over a voice broadcast message which acts as feedback and helps in business growth.

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Benefits of Interactive Voice Broadcasting For Your Business

Interactive voice broadcasting has a lot to offer. As it comes with a combination of voice broadcasting and IVR, the benefits you get are obviously doubled. Here are a few benefits of interactive voice broadcasting:

Increased ROI - Interactive voice broadcasting makes it super easy for you to reach your target audience and potential customers. This leads to a fruitful result and increases the probability of customer conversion. High customer conversion results in increased ROI.

Web Platform - Interactive voice broadcasting comes as a tool to be used online. It is hard to have hardware for everything, software is powerful and has the potential to manage all data in one place. This software is easily integratable with leading CRM and also provides one place for all data.

Measurability - This application has the power to manage, track and analyze data. You can easily see how your last campaign performed and can make the needed changes to improve your next one. The best part is that you can easily measure everything.

Political Campaigns - You must have received a call from the political leads of your region during elections asking for the vote. Interactive voice broadcasting is the easiest and the most effective method of reaching voters to make a difference.

Lead Generation - Interactive voice broadcasting is one of the most effective ways to get qualified leads and that too with minimum investment. Depending upon the response from the customer, the system can fetch qualified and refined leads.

Personalized Touch - Interactive voice broadcasting offers personalized messages to reach your audience. You can change the pre-recorded message anytime to add more value to it. People with similar interests can be grouped together and shared a voice message as per their needs. Personal touch in voice messages encourages action.

Surveys & Feedback - This system of voice broadcasting is extremely effective and useful in multiple circumstances for any business. You can use this interactive type of voice broadcasting for surveying your target audience, receiving feedback from your customers, sharing urgent messages/alerts, welcoming new users/customers, thanking your audience for their constant support, and more.

The Final Words

Voice broadcasting is a service that is surely going to add value to your messages and is a great way for any business to communicate effectively and seamlessly with their customers.

Voice broadcasting calls are great to let your audience be aware of what’s new coming up for them, or what they can expect out of your business. Interactive voice broadcasting is the cherry on top as it lets your customers interact with your business easily over a call.

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Written By:  Manna Khare


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