How small businesses can leverage toll-free numbers for growth

Dec 22, 2021

In this modern epoch of the start-up ecosystem, most businesses are looking for better and efficient ways to connect and engage with customers. Every business requires a phone number, even if it is entirely online. Telemarketing is still in demand in this era of digital marketing and social media as mobile users are increasing exponentially. Thus, your business should integrate a telemarketing strategy to build a trustable brand and flawlessly provide services to the customer. Toll-free number solutions are assisting your start-ups and small business as friendly and reputed organisations to the customers. Here are some details about how the toll-free number leverages your small business growth.

Track marketing campaigns:

Nowadays, every business includes its contact number on their handouts, websites or other marketing materials like ebooks, infographics etc. With a toll-free number, you can create unlimited extensions to transfer the customer calls to various departments. By incorporating the toll-free number India in your small business, you can seamlessly track your business marketing campaigns with effectiveness. Further, you can collect feedback and surveys through this business toll-free numbers. For instance, a customer looking for more information about your services and products their calls can be routed to the available agents and likewise for other operations. Additionally, you can use this option to get effective call tracking to improve your sales opportunities and expand your brand extensively.

Increase lead conversion:

Generally, using the toll-free number solution will generate more leads in your business, with increased marketing efforts. Using a free toll-free number solution in your start-ups and small business, you can drive greater number rates, resulting in significant lead conversion rates. The conversion rate of your business may include practising lead nurturing, using the higher scoring system and setting higher standards for lead quality. These are the steps involved in your small business to increase the higher discussion rates. In addition, customers prefer to call the toll free number rather than others, and so it will automatically increase the lead generation capabilities in your business. Hold this in mind when choosing whether or not to get the toll free number for your small business.

Boost customer satisfaction:

Providing better customer service means making the customers happy. Obtaining a toll-free number for your business will allow you to provide great customer service. It will help you to improve customer satisfaction with your business, even when a problem arises. Integrating the cheapest toll-free number India, customers bear zero cost when approaching your business, and give them more options for query resolution and complaint addressing. A toll-free number helps to deliver hassle free support without time limitations, which is the step for enhancing customer contentment. Furthermore, it will be helpful for your business growth rather than using the latest and trendy social media tips.

Establish 24/7:

Toll-free numbers are essential for your business to increase its growth rapidly. Having a toll free number for your business will help the customers to get in touch with your services directly at free of cost. The toll-free number solution will make your services available to the customers even after your business hours, so it will move your business to greater positions and boost customer satisfaction. Generating high intent and experienced leads of your business will round the clock to ensure the increasing rate of your business development among the customers.

Build brand recall value:

The important benefit of using the toll-free number in your small business is the memorable branding it provides. The toll-free numbers usually begin with the prefixes number like 1800 and make them stand out from other numbers, so it is simple to learn. The toll-free numbers are easy to remember and enable the customer to connect effortlessly across multi-touchpoint campaigns. Furthermore, toll-free numbers are broken into smaller chunks, which making them more memorable.

Shift to toll-free number solutions:

Finally, toll-free number solutions have served as the foundation for your small business that greatly relies on customer service to stay afloat. If you want to purchase a toll-free number for your business, you can contact Knowlarity. Knowlarity is the leading cloud communication service provider, and they offer a toll-free number for your business to ensure seamless interactions with the customers.

Written By:  Aliya


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