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July 4, 2022

A company's success depends heavily on its ability to satisfy its customers. Superior customer service may increase retention and offer your business a competitive edge. The first impression you give someone determines a lot regarding exceeding their expectations.

Your customer's first interaction can be with an Interactive Voice Response (IVR). Therefore, it is not fascinating that firms are eager to go above and beyond to improve IVR functionality.

But, before everything, let us know what IVR is and how you can get it for your company!

What is an IVR?

The IVR solution is a tool that uses self-service technology to facilitate corporate contact. It makes it possible for callers to operate your business phone system and speak with the finest human operator for their particular issue.

The automated IVR facility connects the caller with the appropriate department, depending on the device keypad's information. Additionally, an IVR system can respond to client FAQs with pre-recorded messages. IVR numbers are a worthwhile investment for any sector/organisation because they significantly improve customer experience and demonstrate business expertise.

So, how does it work?

IVR functions as a call routing system by fusing VoIP technology with currently installed physical phone system configurations. IVR software then works with this system to allow the development of automated menus that route callers to the proper databases, live agents, or departments as needed.

Business organisations in any sector can benefit from IVR technology. Call centres frequently use IVR systems since they may get inundated with many calls. These solutions provide capabilities that help improve self-service options, improve customer satisfaction, and boost call centre efficiency.

Now that there is a clear financial benefit, reputable firms are embracing a customer-centric strategy that views IVR as an essential component of their total customer-care offering. So, how can you get it? Getting an IVR Service

IVR systems use pre-recorded voices to assist and direct clients toward achieving their goals. As they help provide precise solutions to problems and answers to inquiries, they may be pretty helpful. They can favour actual people dealing with callers.

In addition, they save the business time and money because the IVR systems handle everything and eliminate the demand for additional staffing resources to be paid to answer phones in the office.

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You should consider the following two IVR system types when choosing an IVR service provider:

On-Premise IVR - An On-Premise IVR requires a physical setup inside your organisation. There is a substantial amount of hardware and intricate wiring involved.

Cloud-Based IVR - In contrast, a cloud-based IVR setup is entirely online, negating the need for wiring. But how would you choose which service provider is the best? For starters, you can account for the most important features!

Things to Consider before selecting an IVR service provider

Here we list specific considerations you should make before choosing an IVR Solution provider:

  • Multilingual Support - Choose an IVR service provider that provides consumers with customizable English, Hindi, and customised regional messages and multilingual assistance. It would eliminate all language barriers that customers face.

  • Call Routing - The essential component of an IVR system is call routing. The call waiting time gets significantly decreased with an efficient call routing system, which encourages clients to give your firm top ratings. With this functionality, you can reduce the call-dropping issues.

  • Call Recording – An excellent strategy to improve customer service is periodically evaluating incoming calls. With the help of your IVR system's automatic call recording feature, you may accomplish this objective.

  • Concurrent Calls - Reduce client wait times by partnering with a service provider, enabling you to handle an infinite number of simultaneous inbound calls.

  • 24*7 Customer Support - Select an IVR service company that guarantees prompt assistance if you experience any issues. Additionally, your service must provide your consumers with rapid query resolution and continuous, round-the-clock help via recorded messages.

Every organisation should Get IVR Solution because it is a low-cost option with which you may improve the caller experience and boost your brand's reputation.

Knowlarity is a name you can trust because we have offered advanced IVR solutions to organisations of all sizes and sectors!

Written By:  Manna Khare


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