IVR Menu and its Key Features

8 May, 2022

IVR services is a technology that allows businesses to automate customer experience in outbound and inbound calls by using pre-recorded voice messages and Text to Speech technology.

It works on the customer Dual Tone multi-frequency (DTMF) input. Once the caller’s information is collected, IVR technology can route the call to the appropriate department. Your business can use IVR solutions to help grow and stand out in the market. Companies use IVR because it shortens hold times and enables a lower headcount. Furthermore, advanced IVR systems can provide a better customer service experience.

Benefits of IVR Solution

Knowlarity offers many IVR benefits, like personalised experiences, managing large call volumes, and the following:

- Generate More Leads: Catch pace with the customer needs by iterating quickly, resulting in more prospects and customer loyalty.

- Enhance Brand Image: Allow your callers to speak with experts based on options they choose from the multi-level IVR menu.

- Controlling Large Call Volumes: Handle high call volumes by automatically linking to multiple customers at once using advanced multi-level IVR.

- Offer Personalised Experience: Personalise customer experiences by using welcome salutations using their names and forecasting their needs based on previous interactions. The IVR system answers your call, and the software enables businesses to use pre-recorded greetings and menu options that customers can access via the phone keyboard.

- Simple to Set Up and Use: Incorporate your current Customer relationship management (CRM) software for quick access with a smart plug-and-play solution.

- Omnipresent: To handle business calls anywhere, forward every customer call to agents’ mobile numbers and landlines.

What is the IVR menu?

The IVR menu is the control centre that guides customers through the IVR experience. It can be accessed by the caller by tapping the touch-tone dial pad or by speaking, depending on the option programmed into the IVR. You’ve probably seen it a thousand times before. Whenever you hear the automated voice that says “press 1 for customer support or 2 for technical assistance”, you know you are using an IVR menu. It’s also known as a phone tree due to its various layers or branches.

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Features of IVR Solution

Support in multiple languages: Customers can receive multilingual support by sending customised English, Hindi, and provincial custom messages.

- 24x7 Customer Support: Focus on providing continued support to your customers through recorded messages 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and offer instant query resolution.

- Call Routing: Call routing allows agents to respond to customer calls while routing calls to available agents to decrease customer wait time.

- Customisable Menu: To assist customers in navigating their queries, customise the call flow with a categorised menu and several sub-menu options. An IVR system enhances the customer experience by offering self-service methods for customers to access the information they require and receive assistance from customer service.

- Concurrent Calls: It reacts to an endless number of simultaneous inbound calls at once to decrease customer wait time.

- Call Recording: Every call is recorded in real-time so that you can listen to it afterwards and preserve quality standards.

- Cloud Telephony: Cloud telephony supports advanced features such as intelligent call routing, simultaneous calls, multi-level IVR services, and more. Cloud telephony services provide businesses with scalable and dependable connectivity to truly unite business communication without the burden of infrastructure setup or additional CAPEX. Companies can access data at any time and use many advanced solutions like virtual numbers, IVR, click-to-call, and so on.

What is IVR’s role in customer experience?

The overall performance of your company in the eyes of customers is consumer experience. It is critical that you maintain a positive customer experience to sustain your business. Your IVR may be a customer’s first point of contact with your company. Hence, it can make a first and lasting impression, which is why it is important for customers to get their queries resolved at the end of the call.


IVR enables callers to communicate with the company without being linked to an operator. There are many benefits to the IVR services that Knowlarity offers. Cloud telephony also supports multi-level IVR services. It has features like 24x7 customer support, a customisable menu, call routing, concurrent calls, and call recording. By incorporating advanced IVR technology into your business model, you can provide your customers with a more seamless customer experience. Call our toll-free number at 1800-1020-340 or email us at customersupport@knowlarity.com for more info.

Written By:  Aakanksha


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