Auto Dialer: Know All About Knowlarity's Progressive and Predictive Dialers, Cost & Legality

May 12, 2022

A cloud-based auto dialer system is an outbound dialer software that automatically dials a set of contacts. Cloud telephony eases manual labor, helps reach large audiences, and contributes to the company’s increased productivity. A business can customize the flow of calls depending on the nature and intent of using an automatic dialer. It brings a more structured flow to the process. Get an auto dialer solution to ensure large volumes of outbound calls are conducted automatically.

Furthermore, the cloud-based dialer system is cost-effective, easy to implement, and offers more benefits than traditional auto dialers. Businesses that rely on an auto dialer system include real estate, e-commerce, debt collection, financial service, healthcare, and hospitality. Knowlarity offers two types of auto dialer systems. Read more about them below.

Progressive Dialers

To improve agent productivity and efficiency, Knowlarity uses Progressive Dialers. The software helps remove the wait time between calls by dialing the next number on the list.

Predictive Dialers

Meanwhile, Knowlarity's Predictive Dialers dial out to a new set of customers according to the available agents in the queue.

Is an auto dialer legal?

According to the Telecom Commercial Communications Customer Preference Regulations, 2018, it is permissible for registered senders to connect with a recipient who does not have any issue receiving auto dialer calls. TRAI states that registered senders should not make any commercial communication using an auto dialer system that may result in silent or abandoned calls. Auto dialers should not be deliberately misused to make commercial communications in a disguised manner. Further, the sender must notify the originating access provider. In the case of any Unsolicited Commercial Communication (UCC), the standard procedure is to verify the occurrence of communication by confirming call detail records.

Meanwhile, in the United States, the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) is not illegal, but it restricts unsolicited automated telemarketing calls. It prohibits using an autodialer to place unsolicited calls without the recipient's prior consent. Auto dialer calls to landlines and cellphones are treated differently by TCPA. Using any pre-recorded or telephone dialing system without permission, calls to cell phones are illegal. Using pre-recorded or artificial voice without prior consent in writing for calls to landline is illegal. However, this excludes healthcare and other emergency calls.

How much does an auto dialer cost?

The cost of auto-dialing software depends on your business' needs. At Knowlarity, our calling charges are 18 paise per 30 seconds. We have a 2-month validity package at Rs. 50,000/-. The 3-month package starts at Rs 1 lakh, and charges are 17 paise for 30 seconds. The costing will vary accordingly for orders that require IVR, DTMF, and customized reports.

The costing will be as follows:

  • Extra Sound Recording: Rs. 300/recording.

  • Single-level IVR: Rs. 2500/- and Two-level IVR: Rs 6000/-.

  • CLI charge/month: Rs. 1000/-

  • Customized reports: Single-level IVR - Rs. 1500/- and Two-level IVR - Rs. 2500/-.

You can click here to log on to our website for more details.

There are broadly three types of auto dialers, which include:

  • Preview Dialer.

  • Predictive Dialer.

  • Power Dialer.

Knowlarity’s Cloud Telephony

With Knowlarity’s cloud telephony, you can set up call centers without spending on infrastructure. It lets you add users, virtual numbers, and call flow as you grow. For small businesses, cloud telephony services offer more streamlined communication. With software like cloud telephony services, you can keep adding users without worrying about the infrastructure. Cloud telephony lets companies speak to customers without revealing phone numbers.

Benefits of Knowlarity’s Cloud Telephony Solutions

- Can Track Agent’s Performance Insights: You can analyze agents' performance by tracking and recording their conversations with the customer.

- Easy to Set up and Activate For Easy Access: You can integrate your existing CRM software with a smart plug-n-play solution

- Manage Business calls from anywhere: You can manage customer calls to agents’ mobile and landline numbers.

- Minimal Investment with infrastructure requirement: Cloud telephony is a cost-effective solution that provides all call management services without infrastructure.

- Optimize Caller Experience: You can enhance the caller experience with regional greetings, music, and similar options.

**- Increase Workforce Productivity: **This advanced solution will save resources while having the best resources.

To know more about Knowlarity’s cloud-enabled auto dialer services, email us at Alternatively, for sales inquiries, call 1800-1020-341. For any other support over the phone, reach out to us at 1800-419-3331.

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