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July 26, 2022

One asset that any company must have is a dependable telephone communication system. However, a good telecommunication infrastructure has typically been costly and challenging to deploy in small organisations.

Having said that, a virtual phone number can help your organisation overcome and grow beyond the limitations of a standard phone line. It's an easy and economical alternative. The question is, how can you get one for your business? Before we go there, let's know what a Virtual Number is and what it means for your dream business!

What is Meant By a Virtual Number?

A virtual contact number, referred to as Direct Inward Dialling (DID), is a telephone number that can route calls from one number to another, IP address, or device.

By removing physical restrictions like network coverage, a Virtual Number allows a business more autonomy and freedom over how it receives calls. In VMN (Virtual Mobile Number or 10-Digit Number), the caller and the party may split the cost of the call equally. Businesses find it easier on their wallets & have to deal with fewer spam calls as both sides pay for the call.

How Does it Benefit Your Business?

Virtual numbers provide many advantages and functions to assist small businesses in competing with larger ones. They offer infinite localization choices, hardware flexibility, and significant cost-saving potential.

The Virtual Number Benefits include:

  • Higher Conversion Rate

It can assist you in monitoring outgoing and incoming to and from prospective clients or partners. In addition, a virtual number helps businesses take proactive action to increase conversion.

  • Sourcing Quality Leads

It enables quick classification and nurturing of all high-quality leads, which lowers churn and provides streamlined customer interaction.

  • Number Masking

The call masking solution, where client & agent information gets concealed during a live call, assures consumer privacy & zero data leakage.

  • Optimisation of Functional Performance

With a virtual number, it becomes virtually impossible to miss a potential lead because the call mechanism is designed to direct user calls to the appropriate team based on availability, location & caller history.

  • Real-time Information

Businesses can get helpful data insights on call efficiency. Furthermore, call records can improve client engagement and help you evaluate agent effectiveness.

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How to Get a Virtual number?

There are various ways to obtain virtual phone numbers. If your company currently has a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) system, your VoIP provider can add virtual numbers to your current plan. If you wish to buy a virtual phone system, you can opt for a package that offers a Virtual Number with fixed extension & minutes.

You can contact a Virtual Number service provider to discuss your requirements and set up one for your business based on your budget!

How Much Does a Virtual Number Cost?

Virtual phone numbers are cloud-oriented business calls that can assist businesses in contacting clients around the globe. Your company may use the call history to communicate with and provide customer care to international consumers without having a physical base in the target regions, because virtual calls are transmitted over the internet.

However, the Virtual Number Cost depends on several factors. These include -

  • Number of Calls Made

Your company's monthly phone call volume significantly impacts your bill. So, the call duration and the number of calls need to be considered.

  • The Caller Location

The location of the caller, or more specifically, the country from which the call is coming, is one of the most important elements influencing the cost of a virtual phone number.

  • Call Forwarding Price

Transferring conversations from one service provider to another is referred to as call termination. Your plan includes minutes & an additional per-minute charge based on the volume of redirected calls.

  • Additional Features

The cost of premium add-ons & extra services might also increase the total cost. Vital premium concepts like outbound calling, IVR & call forwarding should be available at a fair price.

Choose your Virtual Phone Number Now!

Virtual numbers are an affordable and dependable tool for growing your company, reaching customers worldwide, and boosting sales abroad. Want to see for yourself? Contact Knowlarity today and get a reliable Virtual Number within your budget!

Written By:  Manna Khare


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