Be Super Efficient by Using Knowlarity’s Outbound Auto-Dialers

June 29, 2019

Knowlarity’s super dialers are powered for extreme performance in new age outbound call centers. Our auto-dialer is capable of dialing out the set of contact numbers in a span of very short duration and can also be integrated to your system using the Dialer APIs to achieve a high level of customization as per your business needs. You can use our dialers to achieve a peak utilization of your available agents. We enable the organizations to improve their calling efficiency and increase the productivity of sales and lead creation teams. We enable teams to efficiently perform sales, service, marketing, customer support or any types of transactional or promotional calls to your customers. We allow you to own and control your call recordings from end-to-end for any outbound or inbound calls; very few organizations in the world support call recordings from ring time to call disconnection.

Powerful than never before

It doesn’t matter what type of calls you want to make – as soon as the leads or numbers are uploaded to the system and auto-dialing is scheduled, calls start running immediately. We support highest possible channel allocation so that your calls are dialed at a fluid rate. You can run your outbound calls for inside sales, upselling, inbound marketing, cold calling to your customers. Our auto-dialers are built for out-of-the-box performance any time of the day for all of these use cases.

How can you achieve peak performance using the next-generation “Live Agent” feature of our outbound auto-dialer?

  • Our dialers are the most efficient system for calling prospects with live agents.

  • As soon as a Sales Rep (aka Agent) is ready, our auto-dialer calls the next contact one after the other. This provides optimization of agent wait time and saves time for the next lead being dialed while being online.

  • Live agents are the most efficient way to maximize your revenue by ensuring that your agents are talking to the maximum set of customers in less time.

Why should you use outbound auto-dialers?

Auto-dialers can be deployed in your workplace to peak your agent efficiency. The set of features that our cloud-based auto dialer provides has the capability to revolutionize your call center into the most efficient and intelligent call center machine. Here are the common workflows for our dialer –

  • Avoid hassles to manage leads for multiple agents. Leads are distributed automatically based on which agent is available in a given time interval.

  • Provide real-time live connections without pauses or delays.

  • Do it for all types of cold lead dialling for prospective customers with optimum utilization of your agents.

  • Generate revenue by campaigning more using the same set of agents more efficiently.

  • Achieve the highest customer support ratings by interacting to your customers in case you miss their calls in real-time or when they request you to call-back.

Advantages of our outbound cloud-based auto-dialer

Do Not Call/DND filtering – Auto dialer software filters the DND numbers using our custom integration feature.

End-to-end call recordings – It is essential for every call center to record phone calls, for better quality, legal objectives. Knowlarity’s Auto-dialerAuto dialer provide end-to-end call recordings using which, supervisors and managers can give appropriate advice to agents. Tracking calls regularly helps the agents to perform better. Recorded calls can be played to trainees for the training session.

Zero customer wait-time – Prospects always speak to live sales reps. There will never be a delay at the beginning of the call.

Blended agents – Blended agents can make and receive outbound and inbound automated calls at the same time.

Live call monitoring – Supervisors and managers can monitor live calls routing to the agents.

Monitor progress – You can anytime monitor the progress of your outbound dialling campaign, pause the campaign or add more calls to the currently running campaign.

Simple CRM integration – Our auto-dialers integrates with many popular CRM programs, making it easy to sort, search, and segment your contacts.

Sending emails or SMS – You can send emails or SMS based on the call result, to maximize outbound prospecting efficiency and effectiveness, any call can end with a fully personalized email sent in seconds.

What are the different types of Auto-Dialers?

Progressive Dialer:

Progressive dialling has a high productivity of agents and removes the problem where customers are kept on hold/waiting state while the agent is getting ready to take the next call. Calls are dialled progressively as soon as the agents gets ready to take the next call (including the wrap-up time). Dialers filter out the calls which are not ringing, preventing abnormal hang-up or no response.

Use Cases:

These dialers are mostly helpful in customer calling campaigns done to customers where the use case is to cross-sell, up-sell, product information, support calls etc.

Predictive Dialer:

Predictive dialling is the most efficient type of automated dialling. These are designed to initiate the highest number of calls placement within a very less duration. Predictive dialers rely on algorithms which process the past calls data and placing the higher number of customer calls to maximize the agent productivity but reducing their wait time. The Algorithm will collect & process data such as average call duration, available agents, and the average calls connected to the customers. Predictive dialer systems know the numbers of calls to be dialed to the agents for a continuous flow of calls. Calls would be done at a rate such that the system would connect to the ‘live’ customers as soon the agent has completed the previous transaction.

On the flip side, predictive dialling sometimes results in a small percentage of ‘abandoned calls’ — where customers will pick calls but no agents are actually available.

Use Cases:

Predictive dialling is most effective in campaigns where the reason for calling is generally straightforward and mostly same such as product sales, marketing calls etc.

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Preview Dialer

There are various use cases where Agents need to first know to whom the call is going to be dialled. In Call Centers, Preview Dialers help in serving such use cases by providing the customer information to the agent as soon as the agent is ready to take a call. Customer numbers are then dialled using the auto-dialer after a specified period in which the agent previews the customer details before the call is going to be initiated.

Use Cases:

These dialers are mostly helpful in customer campaigns where customer information is to be read by Agents for complex cases like Debt Collection, Customer Support etc.

Did you find this useful? If you’re looking to automate your B2C communication and make your sales team more productive than ever, then head over knowlarity to know more about how we can help.

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