Missed Call Solution Benefits And How To Get Missed Call Solution For Your Business?

May 14, 2022

The success of a business is directly proportional to the presence of its communication channels. The missed call solution is a makeshift change in the experience of your online customers. A missed call service enables businesses to contact consumers who have left voicemails on their business lines. The call is routed through an auto-dialer, connecting the caller to a computerised IVR message, a conversational bot, or a live representative.

A missed call solution must be in place for a company to handle the complete process of collecting missed call data and storing it in a database. Customers save time and money, and agents' productivity is increased due to the system.

Let’s look at how a missed call solution benefits your business:-

1. Generation of Business Leads - Receive prospect details in real-time for interaction to ensure quicker quality lead acquisition. The business can avail and get the missed call alert solution which can help in quickly reaching out to customers and higher chances of generating leads.

2. Expand Market Reach - Launch missed call SMS campaigns to raise brand exposure during special seasons. Your brand can drive more sales during peak business seasons when your brand can directly interact with the customer.

3. Integration with CRM Tools: The call tracking services can be integrated with other business tools and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools like salesforce and Google Analytics. The CRM tools provide a dashboard based approach for data visualisation and a holistic view of the marketing performance.

4. Analysis of Call Data: The virtual number is a cloud based platform which makes it easy to manage and explore business metrics. Customer queries and call records can be maintained to find out the highest customer and brand interaction areas. Customer segmentation can generate data driven insights, and analytics can help business leaders to make decisions based on actual data.

5. Interactive voice response technology – IVR is a powerful tool which can automate the company’s telecommunication channels. This uses pre-recorded voice messages to greet all of the incoming callers. This can also greet the customer in their native language based on the geographical area of the incoming call, which adds a personal touch to the company sales. The system can automatically route the calls to the best-suited agent, leading to reduced wait times and enhanced customer experience.

6. Launch and Track Marketing campaigns - Combining a missed call solution with an outgoing calling solution sent to consumer contact numbers via personalised message. Collect consumer comments and follow up with them to give product insights and fresh launch details.

7. Reduced costs and increased productivity - The missed call solution is a cloud telephony service, and hence businesses do not need to invest in expensive hardware for calling but can rely on scalable, low cost and highly reliable cloud technology for their missed call solution.

With the growing market of ecommerce, having an online presence of your brand is crucial. A smooth online experience of your brand helps in converting visitors into customers and missed calls have been a proven solution to rapidly aid the customer conversion and retention rates of your brand. A secure and reliable solution which is easy to scale can provide best support to the business as well as the customer. Integration of click to call services with CRM Softwares can lead to generation of data-driven insights and enhance business decisions.

If you're a small business owner, you'll want to expand your reach while still making the most of your employees' time. This is precisely where the missed call service may assist you.

This is a good strategy to solidify your brand for larger firms that wish to scale up their branding initiative. Big players might put their missed call numbers on billboards, newspapers, and advertisements to make it more apparent and simpler for prospects to contact.

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Written By:  Aakanksha


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