Missed Called Services for Cost-Effective Communication

July 15, 2022

While communication is necessary for a business to flourish, cost-effective communication solutions can make employees work smartly and efficiently. Developing a methodology based on customer information can handle an extensive market to generate sales. Thus, direct engagement with customers and clients allows the company to render personalised services through missed call alerts!

Missed call solutions have many benefits and have become an active means of effective communication with clients. It alerts the enterprise and employees to revert to their caller who gave a missed call on the business number.

We must first select a phone number and a purchase plan to get missed call alert service. Then set up auto-notification services in the form of automated SMS, an IVR campaign, or a live agent. This is dialled automatically when someone calls on the missed call number.

However, missed call services aren't just restricted to acknowledging an inquiry placed by the caller. They go beyond that to provide seamless interaction and execute actionable insights to upscale a business profile.

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Following are the benefits of missed call solutions:

Market campaigner: It improves our market campaign by creating brand awareness. Outbound and missed call SMS campaigns can reach non-internet users and increase our user base. The missed call number also makes our market accessible to such customers.

Customer interaction: Sharing a phone number encourages our audience to connect with our business in real-time. Aside from customer feedback, these calls solve customer queries and share information about our new products and services.

Data collection and verification: The company receives real-time notifications along with caller details as the caller dials the missed call number. It allows the company to verify fraudulent callers while also finding potential customers.

Time optimisation: Rather than writing lengthy messages or filling out forms, missed call services allow the customer to connect with an agent without wasting time and money.

Moreover, our business can regulate the swarms of calls we receive daily! With missed call services and its automated responses, our business can easily handle the hassle of conducting surveys or undertaking customer feedback while simultaneously being accessible to customers. Therefore, it has become a staple amongst service-based industries, e-commerce, and NGOs and is effectively used for political campaigning during elections!

Founded in 2009, Knowlarity is known for providing cloud telephony services, including missed call services in IVR and automated SMS to deliver seamless functioning and effective customer services to clients.

Following are the missed call services that make Knowlarity popular for its cloud telephony solutions:

Cloud storage: Storing call details makes monitoring and recording responses easier and accessible for immediate feedback or any dispute.

Integration with analytic tools: Integration with custom analytical tools or CRM software provides real-time updates of call quality to derive business insights for future executions.

Toll-free missed call numbers: Knowlarity's missed call service users can create toll-free missed call numbers for their customers.

Integration with existing numbers: Not sure if your existing number can be used? Don't worry! Knowlarity's missed call solutions allow its users to integrate their existing numbers with missed call services to continue smooth communication with its customers without changing business numbers.

Returning multiple missed calls: This is the most advantageous feature. Our business can now simulate connecting with customers for lead conversion rather than waiting in a queue.

Testimonials are available from our clients from Nature's Basket, DLF, Lets Doc, and Astro Talk. They demonstrate Knowlarity's capability as a leading cloud communication provider amongst established and emerging markets across multiple industrial verticals and over 65 countries!

Still unsure about using Knowlarity?

Don't worry! Just call us at 1800-1020-340 or visit our website to know more about our missed call solution benefits. You can even write to us at customersupport@knowlarity.com.

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Written By:  Manna Khare


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