Outbound Calling – The Must for all Industries

June 9, 2021

There are majorly five classifications of industries – Primary, Secondary, Tertiary, Quaternary and Quinary. What we want to bring up here is why all five of these need Outbound Calling.

First, let’s get to know all Industries.

Primary Industry: Concerned with obtaining/providing the raw material

Secondary Industry: Converts raw material to commodities; manufacturing industry

Tertiary Industry: Concerned with providing services in general

Quaternary Industry: Consists of intellectual industries like I&CT, R&D, Consultancy

Quinary Industry: Top economic Industries – Branch of country’s economy. Eg NGOs, Education.

Outbound Calling Services are providing personalized phone calls and messages that are automated by the company using the data fed to the computer. In a greater sense, Outbound Calling is an automated communication method that saves your time by sending personalized messages and/or calls that you have recorded using the database of the computer and the schedule that you have selected. Relating outbound calling we realize its importance in each industry and we want to share this vital information with you.


The protagonists of the Primary Industry are farmers. They will benefit from Outbound Calling in an indirect way. There are many motivational speakers with knowledge about farming and new technology that the farmers can use but have no information about. It is a fact, that in India, mobile penetration is more than internet penetration. If the person with so much knowledge about farming can record even one message for farmers, it will reach a large scale. Eventually, it will reach at least one farmer who needed it. This way, Outbound Calling will benefit the Primary Industry.


The Secondary Industry is usually concerned with consumers directly. They can use outbound calling to advertise their product, get feedback from them or just reach a crowd of people in very less time. The best thing about Outbound Calling is, it requires Zero Infrastructural & Set-Up Cost, so companies who already spend a huge amount of money on machinery won’t feel like they are spending on something extra. Outbound (OBD) Calling is web-based so it has an International reach, which ultimately leads the secondary sector to extend its arms over the global markets.


The Tertiary Sector is one of the industries that will benefit the most from Outbound Calling services. Known as the Service Sector, it connects with its customers personally so it requires services that make it easier for them. They can schedule times for automated calls, choose timings for sending out personalized messages, get instant replies, and for information that varies as per all individuals – outbound calls will do it for them using the database that will be provided. Tertiary Sector will get a boost if they acquire Outbound Calling Services.


Quaternary Industry includes intellectual industries like Research & Development, Consultancy, Information & Communication Technology and more. Industries like these already stress out on gathering information and spend a lot of their time, money and efforts on working. They need a support system to help them be better which, of course, is provided by Outbound Calling. OBD Calling increases agents’ productivity levels as they spend lesser time in calling individuals on their own to help with their issues as the calls will be automated and the agents can find extra time to cover more important issues.


The Quinary Industries relate to the top economic sector of the country. They spend their time working on economic issues and events. It is the branch of the country’s economy. Imagine keeping a tab on their clients. It’ll be difficult to contact each of them. OBD Calling solves the issues faced by them by providing them a chance to record messages, texts and schedule them with blank spaces so the assistant can pick variables from the database and play it for the people who are being called. Also, since it has an international reach, it is easier to contact other people.


  • Record personalized messages and calls.
  • Get instant feedback.
  • Schedule calls and messages and choose specific times.
  • Reach a crowd of people in minutes.
  • Zero setup, infrastructural and operational cost.
  • International reach as it is web-based.
  • Increased agent productivity.

All in all, OBD Calling is the grain that needs to be fed to everyone to make them grow. Get your OBD Calling solutions here.

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