Progressive Dialer vs. Predictive Dialer

May 4, 2022

An auto dialer is an extensively used software for automatically dialing calls and speeding up the client customer support process. After the call is connected, it is transferred to the live agent, or a pre-recorded voice greets the callers and guides them to get quick query resolution.

The software is widely integrated into the communication system as it offers several benefits, such as making client communication more efficient. There are two types of automatic dialer- progressive dialer and predictive dialer, which help increase agent productivity and improve agent efficiency.

The former technology automatically dials the next number on the list, drastically reducing call wait time and connecting the callers with the business. They are connected to the live agents, or a pre-recorded voice helps them solve their queries. The latter also improves agent productivity, but it dials the new set of customers per the availability of the agents in the queue. The auto dialer makes the customer support services highly efficient, saving time and energy for the agents. There is no error in the dialing process because the dialing process is automated, and the agents don't have to dial the contact numbers manually. They can quickly get connected to the customers and solve their queries. Quick connectivity offers better CX and helps to attract and retain more customers. Therefore, this software plays a crucial role in attracting more customers and maximising profitability.

What is the predictive dialing process?

The predictive dialer initiates bulk calling from the list of contact numbers. It connects the available agents to the customers and ensures quick connectivity. It works by filtering the disconnected calls, no answers, and busy lines and immediately connects the free agents as soon as the customers are available on the other end. Moreover, it predicts the average wrap-up time of the calls and initiates bulk calling from the contact list. The manual calling process is eliminated, and the agents need not put their energy and time into dialing the contact numbers themselves. The software is extensively used in customer support services enabling agents to connect with the callers and address their queries efficiently. By considering various factors such as caller history and the core expertise of the agent, the agents are connected with the callers. Intelligent routing paves the way for an enhanced customer experience, and the agents can make the conversation more fruitful and productive by responding to the customers well. The chosen / connected agents will have the required capabilities to address the issues faced by the customers, and they would be better equipped to provide high customer satisfaction. Such predictive dialing software ensures that the appropriate agents are connected. They can pacify unsatisfied customers and ensure that their issues are solved quickly, and they remain loyal to the brand. The software allows responding to customers with better connectivity and promptly. It helps agents connect with more customers and boost their productivity as their idle time is reduced drastically. The software filters busy calls or calls forwarded on answering machines, so there's high customer connectivity allowing agents to optimise the resources available.

How do the progressive dialers work?

This software is more efficient than the manual dialing process. The agents need not dial the contact numbers manually; instead, they can focus on making the conversation better by understanding the customers' problems. It is used for outbound calling and in many industries- telemarketing, customer support, debt collection, etc. This software waits for the agents to finish a call and dial a number. So rather than dialing multiple contact numbers for different agents, it caters to one agent and dials one call after the previous call has been wrapped up. So, the agents can speak to the customers as soon as they are available on the line. It facilitates a seamless customer experience providing high customer satisfaction. It reduces the call abandonment rate as the agents are connected when a customer receives the call. Some customers prefer to speak to live agents rather than be greeted with a pre-recorded voice, and they tend to hang up soon. In such scenarios, the software proves to be highly appropriate as the agents can start the conversation as soon as they know a live person has received the call.

Progressive dialer and predictive dialer

What are the key features of the automatic dialer software?

The auto-dialer has several built-in features that make it a complete solution for call management. Let's discuss its features.

Dynamic queue: The software makes the call management process more efficient by allowing the business to map a different queue for any campaign. It saves time and streamlines the process. Agents need not update the queue within the IVR and can easily customise the campaigns.

Call routing: The software allows businesses to provide an enhanced CX by mapping the leads to the specific agents. The software routes the call based on several factors such as the conversation history, expertise of the agents, etc. In this way, the agents can serve the customers better and quickly resolve their queries. The software enables an enhanced customer experience and high customer satisfaction.

Call quality The software – the progressive automatic dialer and the predictive dialer have built-in capability to draw insights from the calls. The agents can tag the calls with a code that lets them know the quality and identify the critical areas for improvement.

Data Insights: The software has capabilities beyond automatic dialing and increasing the agents' productivity. The software enables the extraction of valuable insights from the call operations. Businesses can get agent information, call details, and valuable insights into the calls that help the company improve customer support quality.

Lead dialing Ratio: The software improves call operations by setting a lead dialing ratio per agent. The company can boost the agents' efficiency, prevent burnout, and ensure that they keep working optimally. There are several benefits of the software that help businesses improve call operations. The progressive dialer and predictive automatic dialer ensure that the company streamlines client communication.

Better agent productivity: The software enables to boost the agent productivity by increasing the agent talk time.

Automatic dialing: The software reduces the dependency on the agents who need not manually dial the numbers. The manual dialing process is prone to errors, but with automation, the process is more accurate and time-saving. It speeds up the dialing process enabling the agent to focus on the conversation rather than dialing the contact numbers.

More sales: The software helps businesses increase sales as the automated call operation process increases efficiency. It saves the precious time of the agents who can focus on providing better customer services. It will lead to better customer engagement and more sales. It will increase the profitability of the organisation.

Better lead generation: The auto dialer generates better leads and helps businesses attract more customers. The lead generation process is streamlined. The agents connect with the customers faster, and they can respond to them better. They can acquire more customers and create a large customer base, thereby increasing the company's profitability.

Data insights: Data helps businesses to make informed decisions and maximise their profitability. The software enables to draw valuable insight into the call operations. Companies know the pickup ratio and user behaviour, analyse it and understand the customer preferences. In this way, the businesses can reduce repeat calls and provide an enhanced customer experience. It helps to boost revenue for the companies and maximise profitability.

Better campaign management: The auto dialer software allows for reporting and managing campaigns better. Businesses can understand the feasibility of the campaigns and make them more successful. They can implement the right decisions after taking note of the data derived.


The automatic dialer software is highly beneficial for businesses. It transforms the way businesses connect with tier customers and ensure that they can improve the quality of customer support services. The solution ensures that a company can serve its customers with excellence and provide better service with automated calling, valuable data insights, intelligent routing, and other benefits. Good communication plays a massive role in the success of a business. By using the auto-dialing software such as the progressive dialer and the predictive dialers, companies can ensure that their client communication process is robust, streamlined, and delivers high customer satisfaction. It is essential to find a reliable cloud telephony company that can offer the products embedded with the best features at the best prices.

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