The ROI of Click to Call: Demonstrating the Business Value of the Solution

Mar 27, 2023

In the present fastly moving digital world, companies need to understand the value of seamless experience & should know how to provide the same to their customers. There are a lot of different ways to do this. Technology has been a great support to businesses in enhancing their customer support & services.

One such way to improve customer experience along with business value is click to call solution. This functionality can be easily implemented on a business website or on a mobile application. It is the feature that enables customers to connect with a brand by clicking the click to call button.

Click to call services to help customers in creating a more direct & personal connection with a business. The functionality is becoming popular with each passing day and businesses have started to see the value of this functionality.

Studies have shown that having a click to call button on your website or mobile application can have really great impact on turning potential customers into your permanent ones. When a customer finds it easy to connect with your business, the chances of them staying with your brand increase.

The research done by Invoca found that customers using click to call have 28% more chances to make a purchase compared to the ones who don’t. A few more similar studies defining the ROI of click to call services & the value it holds for a business include:

Research by DialogTech found that click to call can increase conversion rate by up to 51%. A study by BIA/Kelsey says that the probability of converting a phone call is 10-15 times higher than a web lead.

The ROI of Click to Call: Demonstrating the Business Value of the Solution

As per Marchex's study, businesses with click to call see an average increase in revenue of 24%.

These numbers demonstrate the significant business value and ROI of click to call, along with the importance a business should give in implementing this feature. In this blog, we will further discuss the topic in depth.

What is click to call solution?

Click to call is a feature that can be added to a website or mobile application that allows website visitors or mobile application users to make a phone call to the brand/ business by clicking on a button. This feature is usually implemented either as a button or as a link on any website. When the customer clicks on the button or the link, their phone automatically dials the phone number of the business, and the call gets established.

This feature allows customers to connect with business representatives or agents quickly and in real time. This functionality can be extremely helpful for businesses that rely majorly on phone calls as their primary customer engagement channel.

ROI of Click to Call Services

The ROI of click to call is based on the idea of connecting with more customers and making a business accessible to its customers. A feature like click to call has the potential to engage the customers with the business. Implementing click to call is not just for enhancing customer engagement rates but it also assists businesses with improved sales as well.

The increase in sales is because it offers a direct & personal connection with your customers. It makes it easy for the customers to get the answers and the information they need to make informed decisions.

Top benefits of click to call include:

One of the most significant benefits of click to call services is that it has the ability to increase conversions. As per a Google study, more than 61% of mobile searchers find click-to-call as the most effective and valuable feature on a website. This is because it a super quick & easy way to connect with a business at any point of time. This also helps in getting the information instantly without navigating through the entire website for the same.

It is also beneficial for any business as it offers them to improve customer engagement in real-time. Business agents can help customers with quick answers and on-the-spot support. This increased customer satisfaction leads to higher conversion rates.

Click to call solution also has the potential & power to increase customer retention rates as well. When a business offers a direct line of communication/ contact to its customers, they build a strong relationship with them which results in better customer loyalty & higher retention rates.

This feature when added to a website or mobile application allows a brand to address customer issues and concerns in real time. This leads to problem resolution in a more effective way & in a much lesser amount of time. This again improves customer satisfaction along with overall customer experience.

The ROI of C2C: Demonstrating the Business Value of the Solution

Additionally, the improvement in the efficiency of business operations can also be achieved with the help of click to call service. Businesses have a chance to reduce the time spent on administrative work such as answering emails, returning phone calls, etc. by enabling customers to connect with the business in real time. This sets the company staff free to focus on more complex tasks like sales & marketing.

In addition to these benefits, click to call also allows businesses to track customer interactions & measure marketing campaign effectiveness. This helps in taking more informed decisions & improves the overall performance of the business.


So, how businesses can measure the ROI of click to call?

One way is to track the number of phone calls generated through click-to-call and compare it with the number of sales made as a result of those calls.

Another way is by tracking the length of each call and the number of calls that resulted in conversion.

By tracking these metrics, businesses can get a clear, accurate & better understanding of how click-to-call is impacting the bottom line of their business. But the question that is still not answered is how to get click to call solution?

After understanding the benefits and the ROI of click to call services, it is highly recommended to analyze your business requirements and understand how much help it can be for your business. Where you wish to implement it, how you wish to do the same and a lot of questions need to be answered before you finalize a provider for your business.

You can reach out to Knowlarity for any support.

Written By:  Manna Khare


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