Some Key Points To Improve Agents’ Productivity Via Auto Dialer

Aug 10, 2022

Running an outbound call center has always been a tough nut to crack because every prospect or customer is a challenge. You shouldn't be surprised by this because every individual has a unique nature. For example, some customers ask too many questions, some stay dubious after a lot of explanation, some get frustrated immediately, and so on.

Unintentional dialing errors can make it seem like the office is unproductive. Errors may be more common at the end of long shifts, and this can significantly affect the output.

For this reason, investing in an auto dialer solution is a safe and sagacious decision. An auto dialer gives a boost to agents' productivity and puts your business in a higher position.

Today, I'll discuss how an auto dialer can help you turn the tide for your business and cut down on unintentional errors:

1. Reduces idle time significantly

The time your agents spend on activities other than interacting with customers is called idle time. The most cited non-productive activities are non-work-related discussions, taking untimely breaks, and frequently checking social media notifications.

In addition to such ill practices, agents make errors while calling manually. In case they make a call on the right number, they have to wait for their call to be connected. It kills a lot of precious time.

Here, an autodialer system is advantageous because it reduces the average idle time to a large extent. It makes a call when agents are busy with ongoing calls and connects them to the next one only when a customer answers it from the other side. Otherwise, it keeps dialing to find prospects for agents.

One of the best auto dialer benefits is that it places the next call as soon as it detects the current one is about to conclude. It happens thanks to sophisticated algorithms running behind the scene. This way, agents stay productive throughout the day and close deals as much as possible.

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2. Increases talk time

Another reason to invest in auto dialer solutions provided by well-known brands like Knowlarity is that you can ensure high agent talk time. You may be aware of the value of this because the higher the agent talk time is, the better the chances of boosting sales.

As I've already stated that an autodialer places calls automatically and connects agents when the call is answered by a human, not an answering machine. But an autodialer does more than that. It shows all the required information on the computer screen so that agents can have a meaningful dialogue with prospects and close the deals as quickly as possible.

What's more, automatic dialers promise great time savings. Since everything is right on their screen, agents save a lot of time, as they don't have to put prospects on hold for the sake of searching for information. It means they can give an immersive calling experience and be free from the current call quickly to answer the next one.

3. Supports call dispositions

Last but not least, every call doesn't end up with success, and this is a harsh reality of outbound calling. Some may ask for time to make up their mind before investing in the product or service. Generally, in such cases, a follow-up call should be placed after a few days. However, agents may forget to do follow-up.

However, with the help of an automatic dialer, this problem can be solved because it supports call dispositions. It means agents can tag each call with some specific codes reflecting the outcome of the conversation. This helps managers and supervisors take required actions.

Furthermore, agents from other shifts also have clarity regarding which numbers the calls were placed on and what their outcome was. In case a follow-up call is required, they can make the required changes to the call list assigned to them. Consequently, team synchronization improves, and so does your business productivity.

Are you also impressed with the auto-dialer benefits? Contact Knowlarity to have one for your business right away.

Written By:  Manna Khare


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