Top 10 Virtual Phone Number Providers in 2022

5 Sept, 2022

When we first launch the business, we can manage different business calls through our number. In the long run, it looks unprofessional and is not scalable. Therefore enterprises, whether small or large, prefer to go with virtual phone numbers. Cost-effective virtual numbers increase the overall customer communication quality at an affordable price. As per Fortune Business reports and expectations (published in Bloomberg), the mobile virtual network operator service will reach 113.9 billion USD by 2025 at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 7.8 percent. This article will cater to a list of the top ten virtual phone number providers in 2022.  

What are virtual phone numbers?

Virtual phone numbers or virtual calling numbers are cloud-based online communication solutions that come with virtual numbers. These numbers do not remain tied to any particular phone. Therefore, enterprises use them in call centers to communicate effectively with customers. Customers can also leverage them by calling to reach a preferred agent as per their queries. These cost-effective virtual numbers use the internet to connect to individuals, i.e., Voice-over-Internet Protocol (VoIP), significantly reducing the overall communication cost. Despite the many benefits of virtual numbers, all modern enterprises prefer using them.

Top 10 Virtual g.png   Top Ten Virtual Phone Number Providers of 2022

Let us now jump straight into the top picks of virtual phone number providers.

  1. Knowlarity: It is, by far, the most prominent virtual phone number provider. It streamlines various enterprise communications through cloud and VoIP technology, making a cost-effective virtual number system. Businesses can integrate IVR and CRM systems with the virtual phone number solution. It also renders features like call recording & routing, international numbers, multi-lingual support, etc.  
  2. eVoice: eVoice is a US-based virtual phone number provider with an easy-to-use solution for enterprises of all sizes. It offers local, national, and international numbers and allows call-forwarding. It delivers screen-sharing & virtual calling features 24x7.  
  3. Sonetel: Sonotel, a Sweden-based cost-effective virtual number provider, makes it easy to implement. Their virtual phone number lets companies connect globally to all customers. It features benefits like call queues, call forwarding, etc.  
  4. Call Hippo: Call Hippo is an easy-to-implement virtual phone service enabling businesses to communicate with their customers seamlessly. More than five thousand businesses trust its service. As soon as you sign up for their service, you can start using it within 3 minutes.  
  5. Grasshopper: Grasshopper offers unlimited domestic calls and messaging services for a high customer conversion rate. Business executives do not require installing additional hardware to use its service. It comes with features like call forwarding, automated call attendant, etc.  
  6. Nextiva: Nextiva is a top-rated virtual phone number service that allows small and medium-scale businesses to grow faster. It runs on top of VoIP to offer video calls, voice calls, etc. Enterprises can make or receive calls on any phone (landlines, telephones, toll-free numbers, etc.).  
  7. iPlum: iPlum is more than a virtual number provider. It delivers features like out-of-the-office messages, auto-text, call recording, voicemail transcription, and more.  
  8. Freshdesk Contact Center: Freshdesk Contact Center lets us choose one of the available numbers or form customized virtual numbers. It comes with call center-specific features like call monitoring, auto-call handling, etc.   9.  MightyCall: MightyCall is an all-in-one customer calling and automated receptionist system that provides virtual number service. It receives customer calls through vanity numbers, toll-free, and local numbers.  
  9. Dialpad: This service gravitates toward small businesses mostly because it delivers cost-effective virtual numbers with feature-packed offers perfect for small businesses. It renders numerous benefits for virtual numbers like unlimited calling, AI-powered video conferencing, chatting services, etc.   Conclusion

The benefits of virtual numbers are aplenty. Enterprises can effectively enhance customer care service through them. If you are looking for a first-class virtual number service provider, try Knowlarity. It ranks at the top of all mentioned virtual phone number service providers for its stunning features and quality service.

Written By:  Manna Khare


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