Virtual Numbers in Multi-Channel Marketing: Analyzing the Impact on Customer Engagement and Conversion

Apr 18, 2023

The employment of virtual numbers has gained immense popularity among myriad businesses, particularly those categorized as small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). The notion behind adopting these numbers is to ensure that your enterprise is well-positioned to seize lucrative opportunities while simultaneously minimizing the risk of missed prospects.

In the modish world, characterized by predominant digital connectivity, enterprises are compelled to sustain a pervasive presence across diverse channels to remain competitive. Multi-channel marketing entails reaching out to customers through an array of channels, including email, social media, SMS, and voice.

While this strategy offers manifold advantages, it can also pose obstacles for businesses seeking to streamline communication and perpetuate customer engagement. To overcome this hurdle, businesses can leverage virtual number solutions, which facilitates optimization of multi-channel marketing initiatives and bolster customer engagement and conversion rates.

In this article, we will scrutinize the impact of virtual phone numbers on customer engagement and conversion in the context of multi-channel marketing.

Virtual Numbers in Multi-Channel Marketing:

Virtual phone numbers represent a potent asset for enterprises involved in multichannel marketing. They furnish numerous advantages, comprising heightened versatility, advanced tracking and analytics, and enriched customer engagement. Leveraging virtual numbers for businesses, enterprises can efficiently oversee their communications across an array of channels, encompassing email, SMS, social media, and voice calls. Moreover, virtual mobile numbers enable enterprises to evaluate the efficacy of their marketing campaigns with greater precision, offering detailed analytics on call volume, duration, and geolocation. This information may then be used to refine marketing strategies and enhance customer interactions.

Additionally, virtual Indian numbers enable businesses to create a more individualized experience for their clientele, by supplying them with a local or toll-free number to call or text, irrespective of their physical whereabouts. All this makes, virtual number solution a precious resource for businesses seeking to enhance their multichannel marketing endeavors and deliver unparalleled customer service.

Benefits of Virtual Number for Businesses in Multi-Channel Marketing

Virtual numbers present numerous advantages for enterprises striving to streamline their multi-channel marketing initiatives. Below are some of the benefits of utilizing virtual numbers.

Streamlined Communication

Virtual phone number in India empower enterprises to employ a solitary phone number across various channels, thereby facilitating communication optimization. Consequently, companies can efficiently direct customer inquiries to the suitable department or representative, irrespective of the channel from where the inquiry originated. This enables businesses to avoid confusion and ensure that customers receive prompt and appropriate responses to their inquiries.

Improved Customer Engagement

Virtual numbers have the potential to enhance customer engagement by furnishing customers with numerous means of contacting businesses. Customers can initiate communication through an array of channels such as email, social media, SMS, and voice. By offering customers a range of communication channels, enterprises can enhance customer satisfaction and cultivate enduring relationships with their customers.. Increased Conversion Rates

Virtual Number

Virtual Indian numbers can also help businesses increase conversion rates by providing customers with a convenient way to contact the business. Customers are more likely to make a purchase from a business that is easy to contact and responsive to their inquiries. By providing customers with multiple channels for communication, businesses can improve their conversion rates and increase their revenue.

How Virtual Phone Numbers Impact Customer Engagement?

The utilization of virtual numbers has the potential to yield a substantial influence on customer engagement within the realm of multi-channel marketing. Here are several ways in which virtual numbers can influence upon and enhance customer engagement:


Virtual mobile numbers present customers with a seamless and expedient means of communicating with businesses. Customers are empowered to reach out to businesses through an array of channels, including but not limited to email, social media, SMS, and voice. As a result, customers are given the liberty to select the channel that best suits their preferences, thereby enhancing their satisfaction and engagement.


The incorporation of virtual numbers for businesses in their framework provides an avenue for bespoke communication with clientele. Through the utilization of virtual phone numbers, companies can monitor customer inquiries spanning various channels, enabling them to curate their interactions to align with the distinct necessities and preferences of individual customers. This cultivates stronger bonds between businesses and their consumers, thereby enhancing the levels of customer engagement.


Getting a Virtual number offers a lucrative avenue for businesses to augment their responsiveness to customer inquiries. Employing a virtual number solution allows businesses to channel customer inquiries to the most appropriate department or representative, thereby assuring swift and precise responses to customers' needs. This effective strategy not only fosters trust among customers but also enhances customer engagement, thus presenting a valuable opportunity for businesses to cultivate their brand reputation.

How Virtual Number Solution Impacts Conversion Rates?

The deployment of virtual phone numbers can profoundly influence conversion rates in multi-channel marketing. Here are some of the avenues through which these numbers significantly impact the conversion rates:

Builds Trust

Virtual mobile numbers can act as a catalyst for businesses to cultivate trust with their customers. By offering customers an accessible means of contacting the business, organizations can manifest their unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction. This approach fosters trust among customers, which in turn can significantly elevate conversion rates, thereby presenting a promising avenue for businesses to optimize their customer outreach efforts.

Increased Accessibility

The integration of virtual number solutions enables businesses to enhance their accessibility to customers. This allows customers to reach out to businesses via diverse channels such as voice, email, social media, and SMS, thereby expanding the avenues through which customers can engage with the business. This extensive outreach approach augments the likelihood of businesses receiving inquiries from customers, which in turn amplifies their potential to convert these inquiries into profitable sales.

Better Customer Service

The utilization of virtual numbers empowers businesses to offer superior customer service. Businesses can efficiently route customer inquiries to the appropriate department or representative, thereby guaranteeing prompt and precise responses to their queries. This can significantly enhance the overall customer experience, thereby fostering higher conversion rates.

Improved Sales Funnel Tracking

The integration of virtual phone numbers in business operations can facilitate more precise tracking of the sales funnel. Employing these cloud-based phone numbers, enterprises can effectively monitor customer inquiries across multiple channels, thereby enabling them to identify the channels that are generating the most leads and conversions. Having the access to this invaluable information, businesses can optimize their multi-channel marketing efforts and augment their conversion rates.

Virtual Numbers in Multi-Channel Marketing

Case Studies

To illustrate the impact of using Knowlarity’s Virtual Numbers in multi-channel marketing, let's look at some of the case studies:

MG Motor uses Virtual Mobile Number Solution to enhance lead generation:

Problem Statement:

The meticulous tracking of each lead arising from marketing campaigns posed a significant challenge to the India team of MG Motors. Managing customers sourced from the company's print and digital advertisements was made difficult by the lack of a centralized lead management system. Additional hurdles included the inability to monitor and track leads in real-time, as well as the absence of a proper TAT (turnaround time) for resolving sales-related queries. These factors collectively hindered the team's ability to measure customer satisfaction rates, thereby impeding efforts to improve service quality.

Success Post Deployment of Knowlarity’s Virtual Number Solution:

Triumphantly, the cloud-based virtual number solution has revolutionized the business process by streamlining call and lead management, resulting in a more satisfactory customer experience.

Real-time tracking of leads generated through marketing campaigns has become feasible, allowing every dealer, area manager, and relationship manager to measure the success of a specific campaign. Additionally, the call management system has enabled comprehensive tracking of calls received, answered, and missed, including recording customer and dealer conversations. Integrated with the missed call solution, this system has made it possible to identify and call back any missed calls, even after office hours.

Milestones have been achieved in the form of enhanced agent productivity, elevated success rates of all ad campaigns, and an efficient lead management system, which has led to an increased ROI. The system also offers real-time monitoring of TAT with live call tracking and recordings. Furthermore, an analytics dashboard has been introduced, providing in-depth customer insights that foster higher levels of customer satisfaction.

OYO's has implemented Knowlarity's Virtual Number Solution to augment their lead generation process.

Problem Statement:

The lack of a centralized system for tracking calls related to venue, hotel, and banquet hall bookings posed significant challenges for Weddingz by OYO. Consequently, the team struggled with the inability to capture every call detail received, including leads and queries. Additionally, there was no real-time tracking or monitoring of calls received, missed, or answered, and no live recording of every call. This resulted in missed opportunities and the potential loss of quality leads. Compounding the issue, the system's low uptime, failing to reach a 99% threshold, lacked dedicated calling line identification, thereby reducing the connectivity success rate.

Success Post Deployment of Knowlarity’s Virtual Number Solution:

To ensure seamless customer engagement, deployed Knowlarity's cloud-based Virtual Number Solution with IVR, a smart platform capable of tracking every lead from various calls received, missed, and answered. This has allowed their sales department to scale operations accordingly while providing services to customers across India using thousands of unique virtual numbers. Furthermore, this solution has enabled a remote team to serve customer queries instantly, even during and after the COVID phase.

Notable milestones achieved include an uptime of 99% or more, making it easier for customers to connect with their respective venues across pan India. The Lead Management System efficiency has also significantly improved. The system now offers real-time monitoring with live call tracking and recordings. An analytics dashboard is now available to provide actionable customer insights, ensuring that customers receive high-quality service consistently.

Maximize Customer Engagement and Conversion Rates through Knowlarity’s Virtual Number Solution! In conclusion, Virtual Numbers have emerged as a game-changer for businesses looking to maximize customer engagement and improve conversion rates. The solution's real-time tracking of calls and leads, along with live call monitoring and recordings, have enabled businesses to streamline their communication channels, enhance customer experience, and increase sales. The deployment of virtual phone numbers has resulted in notable milestones such as increased agent productivity, elevated success rates of marketing campaigns, and improved lead management system efficiency. With an analytics dashboard providing actionable customer insights, businesses can now ensure a consistent high-quality service that fosters customer loyalty and satisfaction. Get in touch with us to know how leveraging Knowlarity's Virtual Number Solution, businesses can achieve greater success in today's highly competitive market.

Written By:  Divya Shukla


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