What are the Benefits of A Virtual Number and How Much Does A Virtual Number Cost?

Apr 13, 2022

A robust communication system is essential whether you are a startup, an MSME, a large national enterprise, or a multinational conglomerate. Why? Because even the simplest task of redirecting a call from the receptionist’s desk to the right department and individual can become taxing after a time. And the more calls you receive daily, the more complex, frustrating, and challenging the issue becomes.

This is where cloud telephony can work as a saviour. They offer solutions that can help overcome the communication and coordination challenges you face at the organization. A virtual number is one such cloud telephony solution that can help establish a seamless connection with various stakeholders. As the name suggests, virtual numbers are numbers that are not assigned to a particular telephone. Instead, a virtual number is a number stored on a cloud. There are a plethora of benefits of a virtual number that businesses can leverage to enhance their daily operations. Here is a look at some.

What are the Benefits of A Virtual Number?

The benefits of virtual numbers are largely associated with enhancing the communication processes in an organization. They also prove to be a cost-effective option for handling all the communication and coordination needs. The four major virtual number benefits are:

1. 24*7 Connectivity A virtual number enables businesses to be omnipresent. They can answer calls from anywhere as the virtual numbers are not assigned to a specific device. This allows for greater flexibility as your employees can answer calls from any location. This feature proves beneficial as we move towards remote and hybrid working modules. In short, a virtual number ensures that your business will never miss a call again.

2. Optimize Business Operations Cloud telephony and virtual number services enable businesses to optimize their communication operations. They can easily transfer the customer calls to specific agents based on their availability with a virtual number. Similarly, they can route customer calls to agents based on their previous experience, calling history, and other factors. This enables us to eliminate operational inefficiencies and never miss business opportunities.

3. Enhanced Customer Experience Since virtual numbers help streamline operations, it naturally leads to an enhanced customer experience. Customers can be quickly redirected to the concerned department and agent. Similarly, intelligent IVR can help provide a customized experience that can enhance the customer experience too. For instance, based on the caller’s location, they can be greeted in their native language.

4. Improved Customer Conversion Cloud telephony solutions provide real-time data insights that can help improve conversion rates. For example, virtual numbers enable businesses to track every inbound and outbound call. Businesses can proactively engage with the customers based on the data to drive more conversion.

Similarly, businesses can also gauge agent performance with the data provided by the systems to better allocate agents that can help with customer conversion.

Now that we have understood the benefits of virtual numbers, you might wonder how much virtual number services cost. To give you a hint, virtual numbers are cost-effective and can be afforded by the smallest of startups. Here’s a look at the virtual number services cost in detail.

How Much Does A Virtual Number Cost?

Cloud telephony services are available at affordable rates for businesses in India. Businesses can get a virtual number for as low as one thousand to two thousand per month. Cloud telephony solutions providers also have customized plans for businesses depending upon their usage. This proves beneficial for startups and MSME enterprises as they can get the best-suited virtual number services at the best-suited prices.

Knowlarity provides one of the most affordable cloud telephony solutions with unlimited cloud contact centre plans starting at just INR 1999 per month. Similarly, the virtual number cost for an advanced IVR starts at just INR 10,000 per month. With Knowlarity, you can pay as you grow.

You can check Knowlarity’s virtual number pricing plans here. So, what are you waiting for? Subscribe to a plan to start reaping the virtual number benefits today!

If you need more information or help regarding Knowlarity’s virtual number services, feel free to reach out to customer support and service. We provide 24*7, secure, and reliable customer support through the customer’s preferred communication channel. Alternatively, you can directly talk to sales on 1800-1020-340.

Written By:  Aliya


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