What Does An Auto Dialer Do? What are the Functions and Types of Auto-Dialers?

July 25, 2022

Working in any customer-facing department, such as a call center or customer-care service center, often requires dialing a string of numbers and connecting to many individuals over the phone. This task is typically tedious and prone to errors when performed manually.

Thus, companies can get online auto dialer software systems to dial numbers efficiently from a list or database entailing potential customers’ contact numbers. This article will give you a comprehensive idea of what an auto-dialer is, together with its functions and types.

What is an Auto-Dialer App?

An auto-dialer app or software system is an outbound call-center solution that can dial customers’ phone numbers automatically from a list or database. Once the customer receives automated outbound calls, the organization or brand can deliver essential information through an automated message or redirect the call to the specific department or customer-care agent.

Such best auto-dialer software (India) systems help establish automated outbound campaigns. The modern auto-dialer app offers a predictive dialing feature, enabling call centers and customer-care departments to execute proactive customer contacts effectively. It is one of the most frequently used dialing software for automating manual dialing of long customer numbers. Knowlarity is one of the best auto-dialer software (India).

What Does an Auto-Dialer Do?

Auto-dialers are online software systems that work alongside corporate software programs and help boost agents’ productivity levels. An auto-dialer calls potential customers automatically, selecting numbers from a list of records or databases. When a customer answers the automated calls, the software system triggers a pre-recorded voice message providing information about the brand and discussing how it can satisfy customer needs.

Customers can also interact with customer-care executives or specific customer-care departments to which the software system directs them upon receiving the command to do so. This approach enhances agents’ performance and eliminates the need to manually dial a long string of phone numbers. You can get online auto dialer software programs from Knowlarity; these highly specialized applications make your agent's life easier by generating automatic customer calls.

Different Types of Auto-Dialer App

Depending on how the auto-dialer app attempts to connect to the potential customers from the list of numbers, we can categorize these auto-dialers into four types. These are:

1. Preview auto-dialer apps: Preview auto-dialers allow agents to prepare themselves by gathering information and facts before initiating calls. Such auto-dialers are excellent for call centers dealing with high-value customers or involving high touch-point interactions.

Auto Dialer

2. Power auto-dialer apps: Power auto-dialers are automated versions of auto-dialers; however, these apps are less effective in practice. They automate the process of calling through a power dialer but do not entail any predictive or adaptive dialing features. These apps are automated to place customer calls from the list of fed numbers.

3. Progressive auto-dialer apps: Progressive auto-dialers are automated calling systems that automatically put another call on the line from the list as soon as the first call gets over. Progressive auto-dialing becomes essential for brands and outbound call centers whose objective is to target quality leads as opposed to making high-quality calls.

4. Predictive auto-dialer apps: These are robust, multipurpose auto-dialing solutions that can dial multiple phone numbers simultaneously. They are predictive because they leverage a pacing algorithm to determine when the customer care executive will finish the current call. The app automatically fills the queue with another call from the list so that the agent can pick the next one without delay.


Improving the process of automated outbound calling through the best auto-dialer software (India) will enhance the productivity of the call center or customer-care department. Are you looking to get online auto-dialer software for your organization? Try Knowlarity, one of the best providers of online auto-dialer apps!

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